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College Planning

4 Tips To Help You Write The Most Amazing Post-Graduate College Application Essay!

Do you want to return to college may be for your postgraduate degree? If so, then by now, you already know what’s needed while writing a college academic paper, right?

College Planning

How to Write Admission Essays Easily!

Admission essays are the one thing everyone dreads, but also wants to nail in their college applications. They are the most challenging part of the entire application process and students – even the smart and creative ones – often get stumped.

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A Comprehensive Writing Guide for College Essays

Tweet Procedure for writing a college essay: 1. Follow directions You should make sure that you write about recommended topics and answer the questions you have been asked. You should

Education Tips

Essay Writing: 7 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Essay

Tweet No matter what your major is, it’s more than likely that you’ll have to write at least a few essays in college. Essay writing can be difficult, boring, and

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Apply to College: As a Junior!

Our neighbor’s daughter is a high school junior who recently applied to college and was accepted. She’ll start at the local community college at the same time that many of her friends begin their final year of high school.

Campus News

Common Application Announces Updated Essay Prompts

Tweet Applying to college made easy. Introduced for 1975-1976, the Common Application has grown from 15 members to nearly 500 members including its first international institutions. Background The Common Application


Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?

Tweet Quite easily, you may meet the minimum requirements for some colleges and miss out for others. Every college has admissions requirements, even if they are touted as “open admissions”


How to Overcome a Low GPA Obstacle

Tweet 1. College entrance exams. Many colleges and universities require students to take an SAT or ACT test, which can provide a good indicator on how students will perform academically


How to Write a Winning College Essay

Tweet Essay writing and your college application. An application alone can be daunting, but the accompanying college essay can be downright scary. Think, “essay” and you might believe that the

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Your 14-Step College Planning Guide

Tweet You will also begin to consider colleges, a decision that you may finalize early in your senior year. The college planning process will begin once you finish your sophomore

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Slick Essays Are Too Good To Be True

Tweet College admissions officers are seeing a rising trend in one important part of the college application process. Along with the application itself, prospective students are required to submit an