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The Right Test to Take For College Acceptance: ACT vs SAT

Tweet Do colleges prefer ACT or SAT? Today in America the ACT has overtaken the SAT in popularity, which is why parents and students all over the nation are now


Your College is Not Your Fate!

Tweet The pressure to get into a certain college or university is a tremendous one for numerous students. Indeed, some families take extraordinary measures to ensure that their children are

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Questions HS Students Should Ask Their Guidance Counselors

Tweet You’re in high school and have plans to attend college. Like many high school students, you’re trying to do your best academically to secure a high spot amongst your

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ACT Test Preparation Advice and Tips

For years, the ACT trailed the SAT in the number of annual test takers. Beginning in 2011, more students sat for the ACT than they did for the SAT, underscoring the ACT’s growing influence.

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At-Risk Students in Danger of Failing

It should not come as much of a surprise that at-risk students have a greater risk in failing. These students are identified as coming from select ethnic minorities and include English language learners, students with disabilities and low-income families.

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Will Your College Waive its Application Fee?

When you apply to college, you will almost always be required to pay an application fee.


Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?

Tweet Quite easily, you may meet the minimum requirements for some colleges and miss out for others. Every college has admissions requirements, even if they are touted as “open admissions”


How to Overcome a Low GPA Obstacle

Tweet 1. College entrance exams. Many colleges and universities require students to take an SAT or ACT test, which can provide a good indicator on how students will perform academically

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Coming Up Short: High School Students

Tweet SAT benchmark reveals holes in college preparation. A recently released report from the College Board has revealed that just 43 percent of 2012 graduated students that took the SAT


Bad Grades? You Can Get Into College.

Tweet Overcoming your high school slump to pursue a college education. This is possible because there is a college for just about anyone including the student whose GPA barely allowed


Your GPA and College Admissions Requirements

Tweet Most schools use a 4.0 grad scale with a 4 representing an “A,” a 3 a “B” and so on. The higher the GPA, the better the student’s chances

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How to Go From Homeschool to College

Tweet Preparing for college when homeschooled. One area of concern families have regarding homeschooling is college. Parents are preparing their children for life beyond homeschool, fully expecting that their students