Five Worst Reasons To Attend College

Five Worst Reasons To Attend College
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    Going to college can be a big step for many high school graduates.

    In some households, it seems expected for students to attend college.


Students may be told by teachers, parents, and guidance counselors that the only way to succeed in life is through a college degree. Though a bachelor’s degree is a great life investment, you want to make sure beforehand that you are attending college for the right reasons. Here are the top reasons NOT to attend:

Everyone Expects It

Expectations often play a big role in decisions made as young adults. If you are a recent high school graduate at the tender age of 18, starting off in life in the real world is a scary thought. Therefore, many high school students still fall back on what their parents expect, as well as what other adult role models in their lives want them to do. If you are going to college only because someone expects you to go, it is time to reevaluate that decision so you don’t end up regretting it later.

A Chance to Leave Home

Some people use the excuse of going away to college as their chance to leave home. It can take a while to earn enough money through a job to be able to move away from home without going to college. This can lead some students to particular location in which they want to live – not necessarily the perfect university for them. If a student is considering going to college solely for the purpose of getting away from home, it is time to reconsider the situation. College can be a great way to get life experience, but it shouldn’t be used as an escape from your normal life.

Someone Else is Going There

High school relationships are often an integral part of the experience. Many teenagers find their first love or a best friend in high school whom they feel will be there for the rest of their lives. This can lead these students to choose the same college just because they don’t want to lose a significant other or friend. According to the North Dakota government, this is never a good idea. Many relationships don’t last long-term. Other students choose to focus more on school and then are stuck in a college they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen if they chose to go to school at all.

Push Off the Real World

Some people simply go to college so they can avoid entering the real world. Parents offer to pay for college so the student doesn’t have to work. They are more interested in partying than working. All these reasons make for poor reasons to attend college. When a person goes to college and isn’t serious about studying, the time and money is wasted with nothing to show for it. After college, it is often more difficult to get a job and succeed. Instead, if a person isn’t serious about studies, it is best to simply join the workforce right out of college to start down the path to success.

A Free Ride

People who have been offered scholarships often feel they have to go to college because it’s paid for. However, college takes a level of dedication to succeed. Just because you have received a scholarship doesn’t mean you have to attend college. You should also attend because you want to learn more and prepare for a career. Going to college simply for the sake of a scholarship will only waste time.

There are truly more reasons than not to attend college, but if the above reasons for attending outweigh things like career preparation, boosting your lifelong learning potential, knowledge expansion, gaining a more worldly and educated view, and obtaining marketable skills. However, it is also important to remember that college isn’t right for everyone. Therefore, it is important to evaluate why you are going to attend college and avoid going for the wrong reasons. Going for the wrong reasons will only impede future success instead of help.

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