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College Planning

Important Tips for College Transfer Students

Sometimes your first attempt at a college degree doesn’t end up working out. Though you spent all that time researching different institutions and choosing your major, life can throw unexpected twists and turns your way.

College Planning

Prepping for College Admissions? Here’s 4 Things That Can Give Your Application a Boost

You already know that good grades, high test scores and lots of extracurricular activities can help keep your college application out of the reject pile.

Career Planning

How to Choose Your Major in College

It is very important to know what subject you want to study in college. Whatever subjects you choose you’ll have to spend your time learning them. So, it’s a good idea to take it seriously.

College Search

How to Decide Which College Best Suits You

Tweet You are finally done with high school, the excitement is quite imminent but also, very short-lived. The hunt for the college begins and so does the pressure of choosing

College Planning

Transferring From Your College? Here is How to Select Your Next One

Tweet It’s important to pick your transferring from college wisely. Selecting the right one ensures that you get to enjoy these benefits and more. Looking to transfer? Selecting your next

College Planning

4 Programs that Prepare Students for College at a Young Age

Tweet Some are simply not prepared for the rigors of a college program, and others may not be prepared to be in an environment that does not have teachers babying

College Planning

From High School to College: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Find the Right School

Tweet The right college will allow your kid to learn crucial career skills and work with dedicated professors in his or her chosen field. However, given the options in the

College Planning

5 Ways to Keep Up Your College Habits in the Summertime

Tweet Part of you doesn’t even want to think about another textbook or study session until the fall session. But how much more effective would you be if you kept

College Planning

Keep In Mind These Thoughts on College Planning

As a person who has worked in higher education at a private college for 12 years, I have seen many misconceptions that students have about college, whether it be the high school student graduating and heading to college or the adult that is wanting to go back to school.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Sept 27

Review this checklist for items that should be completed at this time in your college planning process.

College Planning

College Classes – Know What You Need to Take

One thing college students often do is blindly take the classes everyone else says they should take, or just what they want to take, not having a clear path in mind. Often they just listen to their advisers.

Personal Advice

Older College Student? Take A Deep Breath, It’s Going to be Okay

This is it, you have decided to take that big leap and go off to college. However, there’s a catch – you’re not as young as your peers. You’ve already been through most of what they have done.