Dorm Basics for College Freshmen Students

Dorm Basics for College Freshmen Students
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    As you get ready to head to college for the first time this fall, you will be crafting a list of things to bring with you. Dorm living provides a bed, a dresser and possibly a desk with a chair.


Beyond that, you may have a kitchenette. That leaves a long list of items you will want to bring with you, including a number of things you can begin to assemble right now and have in place well before you leave.

Personal Diversions

Also known as entertainment, there are a number of personal diversion devices to bring with you. A television can come handy as can a DVD player, a gaming system and the games and paraphernalia to go with these.

Plan on bringing your cell phone, charger, a back up battery, your handheld device, or a laptop computer. If you lack any of these, each one makes for wonderful high school graduate gifts. You can also request money to buy the same yourself.

Bedding and Bathrooms

Consider yourself lucky if the mattress provided is comfortable. If you are concerned about that, you might consider a thick mattress overlay to bring with you. You will also need to bring two sets of sheets, blankets, a comforter and a pillow. You want to make yourself as comfortable as possible when you are away from home, so do not short change yourself there.

Your bathroom needs should include several towels including bath towels, hand towels and washcloths or a wash puff. A robe and a pair of sandals will come in handy too, the latter to wear while you are bathing. Oh, did they not tell you that athlete’s foot fungus is rampant in college dorm bathrooms?

Lighting and an Alarm

If you plan on studying in your dorm room, a desk light will come in handy. Avoid eye strain by bringing one with you. Other lighting needs can include a flashlight for walking across the campus when it is dark.

How will you wake yourself in the morning? Today’s smartphones come with alarms or downloadable apps that can wake you. If you prefer, a standard alarm clock may do. Or choose a clock radio with an alarm to greet you with music every morning.

Cleaning Supplies

You and your room mate will be splitting cleaning chores so bring cleaning supplies with you. A good plan is to bring a five gallon plastic bucket and fill it with your supplies.

You will want to bring a toilet brush, a disinfectant cleanser, window cleaner, rags, paper towels and air freshener. You should also bring laundry supplies too including detergent and cling-free dryer towels. A laundry basket can come in very handy too.

Miscellaneous Items

Reach out to your roommate beforehand and you can avoid bringing items that you can share. The last thing you want is to be encumbered with duplicates especially if you have limited room.

Other items to bring include an umbrella, a compact tool kit, an emergency or first-aid kit, and and a locked safety box to store your important papers. Choose a fireproof box and keep it in a safe place.

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