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Dorm Basics for College Freshmen Students

As you get ready to head to college for the first time this fall, you will be crafting a list of things to bring with you. Dorm living provides a bed, a dresser and possibly a desk with a chair.

Personal Advice

Dorm Living: What to Bring With You to College

As you prepare to leave for college for the first time, you’ll need to make a list of what to bring with you. And that list needs to be comprehensive to include everything from your personal effects to furniture.

Fun News

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students

With the holiday season fast approaching, shopping for your college student may be a bit of a challenge. You know that your child, grandchild or other relation is technologically savvy, but you aren’t.

Education Tips

College Freshmen: Off to College Prep

About one month from now, hundreds of thousands of college freshman will begin to descend on college campuses, particularly across the south. By the end of August those numbers will mushroom with the final group of freshmen on campus sometime around Labor Day.

Personal Advice

How to Get Ready to Go Off to College

Tweet Personal effects — You need to look and smell good while on campus which can mean different things for different people. Bath towels and washcloths; dental floss and toothpaste;

Personal Advice

How to Fill Your Dorm with Holiday Cheer

Tweet It’s almost that time of year — the Christmas lights are starting go up all around the country. While some people don’t really do this until after Thanksgiving, there