8 Gift Ideas for High School Grads

8 Gift Ideas for High School Grads
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    High school graduation is in full swing with millions of students across the country set to close one chapter of their lives in preparation for embarking on a new one. This is an exciting time for graduates and should be recognized accordingly.


Finding what gifts to buy may be a challenge as you consider the future aspirations of these young adults.

1. Gift cards — The new standby gift is old news for many people and that would be gift cards useful at various stores. You can buy store specific gift cards or choose iTunes or Google Play cards if the graduate is particularly tech savvy. If you want to provide the best use of a card, then a Visa or MasterCard debit card offers the most latitude for spending. Be mindful that fees may apply; urge your graduate to “cash in” as soon as possible.

2. Luggage — Graduates may be filled with travel lust, a desire you can help sate. Provide luggage as in a small suitcase or a backpack, both suitable for short trips or visits back home.

3. Entertainment tickets — Why not give the grad a pair of movie tickets and include cash or a gift card for snacks and a drink? He or she can use it for a date night or save it for the fall while at school and looking for something to do on a slow weekend.

4. Car emergency kits — What teen doesn’t love to drive? You can provide the protection he or she needs when taking to the open road, by supplying an emergency kit. That kit can include jumper cables, duct tape, tools, a flashlight with batteries, and many other useful things.

5. Gift baskets — What moves your grad? In other words, what gift idea would interest him or her the most? This is where a gift basket comes in, but not just any basket at that. For instance, if she needs kitchen essentials for the college dorm, you could load up a laundry basket with cereal, tomato sauce, noodles, rice and other dried goods. Once the basket is empty it is useful for hauling laundry. Include a bottle of detergent and dryer sheets too.

6. Microwave oven— Students heading to college will have access to food on campus. While in the dorm room, heating up a meal or a snack is also possible. Why bother with pots and pans on a stove when a microwave oven will do? Find a medium-size unit and include a surge protector cord and you will become someone’s hero!

7. Smart phone with a plan — You will pay a little extra for this gift, but it may prove to be the best gift for a grad, especially one who is heading off to college. Here, you would buy a smart phone and pay for a year’s worth of coverage. This will set you back by at least $500. You might also tell the grad what the plan covers, meaning that overages will be paid by him or her.

8. Electronic tablet — Another smart gift to give is an electronic tablet such as an iPad or an Android device. Its compact size is ideal and with a keyboard included, your student can search the Internet and write up assignments. The cost comes in cheaper than a smart phone — Internet access is free while on campus, so you won’t pay a recurring fee.

Gift Choices

There are many other gift options to consider what can depend largely on the direction the student will take over the next few years. That direction may include work, serving in the military, attending college or heading to the mission field. Consider the student’s needs with a little assistance from the parents to help you find the right gift for the moment.

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