Back to School With Personalized Books

Back to School With Personalized Books
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    Learning how to read is one of the biggest milestones in a child's life.

    It is an activity that can do a lot to prepare them for a successful future.


It develops their imagination and broadens their horizons, providing a great source of both knowledge and entertainment. At the same time, it can be hard for any child to start off on the right foot, to feel inspired with a love of reading from an early age. Luckily, there are several ways to encourage such a connection. With a personalized book, children can become engaged with a story before they even learn their first word. Their picture as well as their name can be incorporated into enough different stories to suit any kind of kid. For both parents and friends of parents, this is a great, unique gift idea that can help get kids started on a path to a lifelong love of reading, and is a great way to get ready for back to school.

One of the greatest things to be gained from reading is a nimble imagination, and immersing a child in the story demonstrates this directly. Literally seeing themselves in the main character’s shoes will facilitate the ability to slip into every other story they read. This also helps them create a personal connection with books from the very beginning. They can become the lead role in famous classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, putting their picture alongside Eric Carle’s illustrations. These personalized books allow kids to fulfill their dreams of becoming a princess by getting a book with them as the titular star, and customizing everything right down to the color of the dress. Immerse them in imagination and adventure with a pirate story featuring them as the main swashbuckler. I turn to “My Chronicle Books” when looking for the perfect personalized children’s books for my little one’s.

What I really love about them is that many of these personalized books also come with extras that make them even more of a keepsake. This includes things like room decor, growth charts, and placemats, all of them customized just like the book. The extra touch makes it all the more fun and easy for both parents and kids to cherish every part of the child’s development. Directly involving children in their important development will leave a good impression on them for life. Treat reading like the important accomplishment it is and demonstrate its true power with this unique gift. These books are a great gift that everyone can enjoy together. Books for all ages and reading levels from zero to eight are available from Chronicle books, with different genres to suit all tastes. This is an excellent way to prepare for back to school, as well. Teachers will undoubtedly be pleased by the advances the child has made, and the child will also be proud to show off their customized story.

Help the children in your life get off on the right foot with reading, and give them a personalized book. When they see their name and their face right there in the story, they will get a firsthand experience of the power of a good book. A love of reading has many benefits, from higher intelligence levels to a richer imagination. It can be a difficult skill to develop at first, and many kids simply need a boost that gets them passionate about books. The unique gift of a personalized book could be that boost. Kids and parents can come together over this opportunity to commemorate milestones and immerse in adventure.


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