Popular Teaching Trends for the Modern Classroom

Popular Teaching Trends for the Modern Classroom
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    Though school has looked different this year compared to every other year, it’s apparent that the way we educate children has changed.


From teaching methods to classroom setups, the modern world through the lens of a school has elevated from the classic, sterner concepts to something more brilliant.

Whether you’re a teacher now or studying to become one, learning some of the most popular teaching trends for the modern classroom can help you create an innovative, memorable education experience for students.

Digital Learning

While the pandemic quickly forced many educators to learn how to teach over video conference rooms and forums, many teachers have experienced the benefits of digital learning. While meeting through a laptop doesn’t work for everyone, some students learn better in the comfort of their own homes.

Teachers may utilize digital learning sometimes or all the time, but the past year has shown that it’s definitely possible to teach over the internet.

Along with how often they use remote learning, educators can pick which aspects they’d like to use as well—for instance, they can meet in person but handle all homework and tests online.

Active Learning

Another tool that finds success in college classrooms and has made its way to K-12 schools is “Active Learning.” This teaching method gets students involved in the classroom material in a deep way.

Active Learning features four main concepts that teachers can use to inspire a desire to learn in children: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Teachers use the method to help students come to their own conclusions when asking questions. This way, they can stay on the same level as students rather than create a hierarchy.

To do so, however, classrooms need the right kind of Active Learning furniture that suits the needs of students. Portable, comfortable furniture keeps children feeling comfortable as they learn.


While long-winded lectures work for some students, many students lack the attention spans and note-taking abilities required to retain the information from lengthy explanations and presentations.

You can maneuver around this problem. Instead of pushing through short attention spans, some teachers utilize “nanolearning,” a teaching process that takes advantage of how well students retain info from apps like TikTok and Twitter.

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Through nanolearning, the teacher serves content in small doses rather than long sessions. When paired with humor, audio, and a short activity, these tiny lessons can help students reap significant educational rewards, like increased engagement and better grades.

Teachers can combine any of these popular teaching trends for the modern classroom for the ultimate, student-focused classroom that prioritizes their comfort. By making school a fun place and creating classroom environments that students enjoy, students become more likely to attend class and care about what they’re learning.

Teachers will enjoy feeling more connected to their students and getting a better idea of where any problems lie in the class’s material.

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