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Study Abroad

Studying Abroad – A Guide to Prospective Students (Part 2/2)

Studying abroad will give you tremendous exposure. You cannot afford to miss out…

Study Abroad

Studying Abroad – A Guide to Prospective Students (Part 1/2)

Did you know that studying abroad confers several opportunities more than you envisage?

Traveling Student

Destination Europe: Ready, Set, Go!

Europe is the most diverse continent on the planet, with unique and different cultures at every place you visit. So many places to see and things to do anywhere you may land.

Study Abroad

Tips and Advice When Studying Abroad

To study abroad is very tempting, especially if they have better opportunities that they don’t have in your home country universities…

Study Abroad

Foreign Studies: Steps Every First-Time Student Should Take

Tweet The key to reducing culture shock is to prepare for your study abroad. Here is more to consider before packing your bags. Find Former Foreign Study Students Of course,

Study Abroad

5 Colleges with the Best Overseas Programs

Tweet Many schools around the country offer study-abroad programs, where you can study and live in cities like Paris, London or Jerusalem for months. Below are five schools with some

College Planning

What to Know About Taking Your Education Abroad

Tweet However, as great as it sounds to simply pack up and move across the world to continue your studies, there are plenty of factors to consider. How will you

Personal Advice

Preparing Yourself for Studying Abroad

Tweet However, going abroad for an extended period of time does tend to be challenging and a couple of useful tips can go a long way in making the time


Best Things About Being a Student in London

Tweet Being a student in London is pretty amazing. Every day is a new adventure. London is a city with a lot of potential as it is England’s largest city.

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12 Things for Your College Bucket List

Tweet College is a once in a lifetime experience, providing an important transition point from young adulthood to your career path. Most young students will complete their education within four


7 Smart Tips for College Juniors

Tweet Your junior year of college may be your most transformational one yet. Your basic, required courses are behind you and you’ve declared your major. You’re now taking the courses

Study Abroad

5 Reasons Why College Students Should Study Abroad

When you are ready for college, you can either study abroad or you can opt for a local university. You can choose to stay in the city where you were born or you may travel to another city or to another state to choose the university that you prefer.