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Fun News

12 Things for Your College Bucket List

College is a once in a lifetime experience, providing an important transition point from young adulthood to your career path.


Diploma Mills and Fake Degrees

A diploma mill is a company offering a college degree for a flat fee in a short amount of time with little or no coursework required. These "schools" are bogus, as are the accreditation organizations which state the schools are legitimate.

Personal Advice

7 Things to Do While on Christmas Break

Your term paper is finished and your exams will be over before you know it. Soon, you’ll be making the long trek back home for a well-deserved break.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tip: week of Dec 08

Consider taking and preparing for the Advanced Placement Exams or CLEP tests, if applicable. This allows you to test out of some college courses that can save you time and money.

NCAA Football

Its Championship Weekend for College Football!

With most regular season games concluded, all eyes are on the various conference championships being staged this weekend. The games should not only be immensely entertaining, but they will also set the stage for the college football playoff system and the bowl games.

Education Tips

How to Ace a Last Minute Assignment

For whatever reason, you have either put off an assignment to the last minute or your professor has suddenly sprung a paper on you with little time to lose.

College Living

You. Yes, You! Save Money! Now!

College life isn‘t easy. I would know, I am a student myself. Papers due, homework to finish, a quiz to get ready for – everything is just waiting to bite you in the backside.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Medical Assistants

Visit any doctor’s office and you may be met by a team of medical professionals before you see your physician.