How Internships Transform into Successful Careers

How Internships Transform into Successful Careers
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    Certain career paths, especially medical and dental types, are usually complemented with internship opportunities.


Being trained with no pay may seem lopsided in its rewards, but internships are one of the cleverest ways to secure a perfect job with happy colleagues. Some of the best positions, including Kool Smiles jobs, are found by word-of-mouth and hard internship work.

Hands-On Experience

You can read every textbook on your given subject and still not have all the skills necessary to work efficiently in the real world. Internships place you in the middle of all the action. For dental careers, you’ll work in office and clinical environments. These two polar opposites are what you need to master. One day is checking in patients while taking x-rays the next day. Being able to answer the right question in dental school is much different than applying it in the real world.

Familiar with Patient Groups

Patients depend on familiar faces as they walk into their dental office each visit. Dentists want that family feeling to keep patients coming back consistently. As an intern, you’ll get to know all the patients intimately and even remember them by name. If a paid position opens up at the practice, it’s more than likely you’ll receive it. You already have a working knowledge of daily routines and patient load. To the patients’ eyes, there’s no difference between your internship and new career path.

Display Your Skills

Skills you learned in school must be practiced or you’ll forget them entirely. While you search for a perfect job, the internship serves as a practice arena. Use your textbook knowledge to perform simple tasks while listening to tips from nearby colleagues. Many skills have insider knowledge you’ll only learn on-the-job. Embrace all the advice and apply it. The practice can see how you work as a team member and use new knowledge effectively. If you shun advice regularly, the position may not be yours when the internship is over.

No Questionable Time Between Positions

When an internship turns into a paid career, your resume benefits immensely. Many dental students have long time spans between jobs, making potential employers question the off period. If you have an internship converted into a job, it reflects your success as a trainee and the benefits afterward. You are a strong candidate for other positions in the future. It’s a smart choice to remain with the internship employer for awhile to benefit from the teachings and experience, however.

Professional Bonds Built with Colleagues

Even the best schooling can’t take the place of networking in a real work place. Work hard during your internship, but also make friends and talk with as many colleagues as possible. You never know where your next opportunity may lie. Some of the best job offers are often through word-of-mouth and never become published. Be in the networking loop to find a perfect position to match your skills. These colleagues may become your friends for life as you work in the dental field.

Live off savings or move in with mom and dad for the internship’s duration to see where your career can lead. These opportunities may not appear every day so taking advantage of a position among professionals is crucial. You may be working with your future colleagues today.


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