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How to Write the Perfect Resume for Internships

For most college students, the reality of graduating and moving into the world of employment becomes clear come internship season. This when you will start feeling like you haven’t done much in the past years to put together the best resume or there’s too much to put, but you have no clue where to start.

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Unpaid Internships – The Key to Future Success?

Some people think of unpaid summer internships like they were some kind of prestigious academy all on their own. They are thought of as costly, prestigious, highly competitive, and the key to future success. Well, that may be true in some cases, but it isn’t always the case.

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Career Building Through Summer Internships

Commentary of another college friend of mine: I was involved in a University research a couple of months ago that involved interviewing employers to find out what kind of employees they prefer to work for them.

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Four Practical Tips on Career Planning

We all desire a successful career. Undoubtedly, in your own little or big way, you want to conquer the world. This isn’t at all impossible, even when you think that the odds are against it.

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How Internships Transform into Successful Careers

Certain career paths, especially medical and dental types, are usually complemented with internship opportunities.

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How to Find a Great Internship

It’s no secret that a higher education can increase the odds that you will find a better job.

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I Can’t Find Work: Now What?!

With a degree in hand you’re ready to take on the world. Trouble is, the world is not supplying the job you thought was waiting for you. Instead, your chosen field has dried up and the only job openings will come about when someone retires or new positions are created.

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10 Survival Tips for College Students

You’ve been told, “College will be over before you know it, so enjoy it while it lasts.” While this mantra certainly offers some truth, it does not take into account those lonely, dark times at night when you wrestle with a term paper or simply wonder if your major is right for you.

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Should Internships Pay?

Tweet To pay or not…that is the question. This is where internships come in. Thousands of employers retain interns who are typically young, college-aged students who are seeking to gain

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Unique Ways to Find Internships

Tweet By JC Ryan Internships are not awarded to wallflowers. Waiting for an invitation or an opportunity may well cause stagnation and a poor impression in your field of endeavor.

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Summer Jobs for College Students

Tweet Finding Work Finding work is important for many students who can use the income to pay for college and personal expenses. Work can also be useful to demonstrate experience.