4 Tips to Making Your College Life Memorable

4 Tips to Making Your College Life Memorable
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    To the older generation, looking back at college life back in the days do not happen without an emotion.


To some of us, the old days bring memories that we will always cherish while to others, it is all regrets. One category of people are found to be full of regrets are the bookworms who thought that college is all about cramming for an exam. Though education is of great importance, you will never remember your college life by the number of encyclopedias you analyzed. Your memories will always revolve around the fun you had in college. However, it is good to note that you won’t have much of the memory if you flunk your college exams. Here are some proven tips to making your life in college a memorable one.

Act Norwegian wood.

In the past, acting Norwegian wood was “the trend”. This approach is among the major events that are likely to stick in your mind even in your stone age. If you do not know what “Norwegian woods” means, you can read and interpret the Beatles lyrics or read Norwegian woods by Haruki Murakami.

Make consumption your priority.

College life happens to be the only opportunity for you to try all types of dishes without caring about their health repercussions. The rule here is that if the doctor is not present to advice, consume it. Remember that it will not be long before you lose all those pounds to post-college depression as a result of student loans.

Utilize OPM.

It is good to remember that this is the only period that your will spend other people’s money (OPM) without raising eyebrows. Make sure that you have used these resources to create all the fun that you can imagine. Remember that tomorrow someone else will be enjoying your money.

Be active in sports.

Being active in sport is another great way of enjoying your college life. However, it is good to note that in college, not all sports are sports. Therefore be careful on the type of sport you settle for. Some of the most popular sports in colleges, today include beer pong, king’s cup, dice games, depth charge among others. It is good to ensure that your university supports these games before you engage in any of them.

In conclusion, it is good to note that every action you undertake during your college life has its payback period. Therefore, be wise and grab this lifetime opportunity when you have it.


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