Helpful Tips for Living On Your Own for the First Time

Helpful Tips for Living On Your Own for the First Time
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    Making the transition to college is exciting but can also be a little nerve-racking.

    It will be the first time living away from their families and getting their first chance at having some independence for many students.


Whether you are living alone or with roommates, there are some things you should know to better prepare yourself for this change in life. Here are some helpful tips for living on your own for the first time.

Teach Yourself Some Cooking Skills

You may have grown up in a family where everyone helped with cooking or had relatives who loved to pass down recipes. However, if the most you know how to make is a bowl of cereal, it’s time to learn your way around the kitchen.

Brush up with some YouTube videos, cooking classes, or getting some friends to help and practice preparing your meals. It’ll save you money and be much healthier than eating delivery pizza every day. 

Keep Things Tidy

You are now solely responsible for how you affect your living space. If you build up a collection of soda cans and takeout boxes in your bedroom, there’s no one else but you who will clean it up.

Coming home to a messy living space can distract and make you less motivated when studying or keep you from wanting to invite people over. Take some time each day to do a little bit of cleaning so things don’t spiral out of control. 

Make Your Space Your Own

If your parents weren’t fans of your decorating tastes, now is the time to put up everything you ever wanted. Band posters, string lights, and more can help make your new place feel more comfortable and homier. Visit flea markets, browse online, and explore local shops to find unique pieces that speak to your personality. 

Use the On-Site Amenities

If you’re living in a dorm or apartment complex with extraneous facilities, you should make sure you are taking full advantage of them. Save money on memberships by hitting up the gym on-premises.

If they have a pool, take some time to have a relaxing dip in the water or burn some energy swimming laps. If they have barbecue pits, take some time to learn how to grill and have some friends over for a party. 

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Know the Common Household Hazards

The last thing you want is for a storm to total your television because you didn’t hook it up to a surge protector or for a fire to break out at your stove. Take some time to know the dangers of kitchen appliances, and make sure you have a working fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. You also want to make sure you remember to lock your doors and park in safely lit spots or inside your complex. 

The transition to living on your own can be difficult at first, but if you prepare yourself, you will quickly adjust. Hopefully, you find these helpful tips for living on your own for the first time valuable and can apply them to your situation. 

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