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    PC supports the windows operating system while a Mac could support both Mac and a windows operating system.

    So which one if best for you?


According to website blog provides essay basics helping tips knowing whether a Mac or a PC is best for you is not an easy task when an individual is not experienced with both operating systems. Students are particularly faced with this dilemma because the two computers could benefit students differently. This owes to the reality that a PC supports the windows operating system while a Mac could support both Mac and a windows operating system. As a result, students should be able to shoes the right computer to help them in their daily activities in order to make their work easy.

Knowing What Software Will Be Supported

For instance, some software is easily accessible in one operating system but is not available in the other operating system. Therefore, students should apply their knowledge on the differences between a PC and a Mac before choosing to procure a computer for their daily activities.

To begin with, students should try to relate their studies with the required software because some assignments could require students to use programs that could not be available in one operating system. Further, coursework could also require students to link their computers to external hardware; implying hardware requirements could also affect the decision on whether to choose a PC of a Mac. This owes to the reality that a PC allows other programmers to develop software and hardware that is easily compatible with PCs. On the contrary, users of the Mac have to rely on software that is exclusively produced by the Apple Incorporation. However, students can still inquire from their institutions which computer will help them complete their assignments effectively. It follows that a PC is a better computer for students because it allows users of the computer to work with diverse hardware and software.

Don’t Forget Security, Size and Price

Security, size, weight, and pricing are also crucial elements that students must consider when deciding which computer is best for them. For instance, a Mac is resistant to security threats implying it is likely to secure any information present in the computer. Further, a Mac book air is smaller and lighter than normal PCs. This could benefit students because their daily activities, unlike people who are working, require them to carry their computers frequently. On the flip side of the coin, Macs are tend to be more expensive that PCs. This could be a disadvantage to most students because students tend to have incomes that cannot support luxuries. It follows that students who wish to save their income should use PCs instead of Macs. However, if pricing is not a problem then it is advisable that students use Macs because they are more secure, could be lighter, and smaller.

In Conclusion

This article compares Macs and PCs by focusing on qualities that could help students identify the best computers for their activities. For instance, it is clear that PCs support more application programs than Macs. Further, PCs are always cheaper than Macs. However, Macs tend to be resistant to security threats, are smaller and lighter than PCs. This implies that students should use Macs instead of PCs, especially when the price of a computer is not an obstacle to choosing between the two computers under discussion.

It is also notable that students should confirm from their departments about the required software for their studies before choosing between the two types of computers. This owes to the reality that some programs can only work in PCs while other programs can only work in Macs.


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