15 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs to buy a Tablet Computer

15 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs to buy a Tablet Computer



Tablet computers have become very popular in the whole world. This is because they have certain advantages over laptops and desk top computers. Some of the advantages include: productivity, navigation capabilities, connectivity to hardware, software support and handwriting recognition capabilities, among others.

The following are reasons why every college student needs to buy a tablet computer:

1. Ability to store and access electronic materials

Students can make use of tablets to conveniently access and/or store electronic materials such as text books, journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, among others. These electronic materials can also be enhanced with features such as images, audios or videos. Audios and videos cannot be included in printed materials.

2. Productivity

Students can easily convert their tablets to more productive gadgets by simply connecting them with keyboards. Most of them are fitted with syncing features connected to iCloud, and additional productive features such as Google Drive, Box and Dropbox (for Window and Android tablets).

3. Navigation capabilities

Tablets are ideal for use by students because they are designed with capacitive touch screens that are extremely responsive and easy to use. Users can also connect their tablets to USB keyboards, and effectively turn them in to laptops.

4. Connectivity to hardware

Many types of tablet computers are designed with HDMI outputs and micro-USB ports, enabling users to connect them to hardware such as projectors.

5. Software support

Tablets are very ideal for students because they can be installed with secondary operating systems. There are also a wide range of apps available in the market, which can easily be downloaded and installed on tablet computers.

6. Note taking capabilities

Students can make use of OneNote apps on their tablet computers to take notes and then save them on the internal memories or iCloud. They can also use active digital pens to draw accurate and scalable diagrams on their tablets while in class. Unlike conventional books, OneNote app allows students to ‘increase space,’ and therefore make drawings of any size.

7. Paperless homework

In universities that have embraced modern technology, students are expected to submit assignments digitally. Lecturers then grade and return results digitally using software such as the PDF Annotator.

8. Interactive learning

In many academic institutions, students and faculty can interact actively using tablets. Tablet-supported software like Classroom Presenter and DyKnow are commonly used to display students’ work on the boards while in class.

9. Creativity

Tablets can support ‘digital ink.’ These are features which encourage Engineering and Architecture students to be creative by coming up with any drawings and designs, and allows erasing and redrawing.

10. Collaboration with other students

With the introduction of tablets, students can use online-based shared whiteboards to work on common assignments or in groups, even when they are physically far from each other.

11. Typing capabilities

Many tablets can be installed with software that enables very fast typing, even faster than writing using conventional pens on books.

12. Handwriting recognition

The latest tablets are fitted with handwriting recognition software. Students can use them to convert work that they wrote on their tablets by hand, to Microsoft Word format.

13. Adaptability and ease of use

Many students already have experience with using laptops and smart phones. Therefore, they will find it easy to make use of tablet computers in their studies.

14. Size and portability

On average, tablet computers weigh about 1.5 pounds. It’s therefore easy to carry them around in the hands or small bags, without attracting the attention of thieves.

15. Battery Life

The latest tablets are fitted with batteries that can last for up to 12 hours before recharging. They are designed with display screens and processors that are power-efficient. Students can therefore use the tablets for up to 12 hours while at college, without need for recharging.


If you are a college student, a recent graduate or even if you graduated from university several years ago, you need to buy a tablet computer. Do not be left behind.

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