Uses for Linear Actuators on College Campuses

Uses for Linear Actuators on College Campuses


What is a linear actuator?

As the name suggests, a linear actuator is a mechanical device that actuates or facilitates linear motion. There are different types of linear actuators used for many different purposes.

Most linear actuators use hydraulics, electric, pneumatic, or electromagnetic force to function. With such a wide variety of options, the uses for linear actuators are unlimited.

Where are linear actuators used?

The applications of linear actuators vary from industrial, agricultural, constructional and robotics to health care, marine, furniture and office uses. Linear actuators can be found in some of the equipment we use every day in our lives.

In campus life, linear actuators have a variety of uses. The following is a list of areas in campus where linear actuators may find use and, therefore, make work easier for us.

How are linear actuators used in campus life?

  • The cafeteria is an ideal place for linear actuators on campus. Linear actuators are often installed on oven doors to enable automatic opening and closing. In the cafeteria kitchen, linear actuators can also be found in ice cream mixers. They provide movement for the mixing of the ingredients.
  • According to site with electric actuators, linear actuators are used during routine utility jobs on campus. For general cleaning, modern floor cleaning equipment makes use of linear actuators to facilitate movement.
  • Linear actuators can be found in campus lawn mowers.
  • Campus buses and vans can have linear actuators installed in the doors to enable effective closing and opening.
  • When moving furniture around offices, linear actuator lifts are ideal for lifting tables and other pieces of furniture around with ease.
  • Linear actuators can also be used to hoist and support flat screen TV’s in campus halls.
  • The structural aspect of the campus can also find applications for linear actuators. Most security-access windows have linear actuators installed in them to enable sliding of the windows open or shut.
  • Building ventilation ducts may also use linear actuators to facilitate movement of smoke dampers within the firewalls.
  • Library doors and other doors that require extra security on campus can be fitted with linear actuators for automation. The same can be applied to swing barrier gates.
  • Linear actuators are used in computer science and technology. In research on robotics, linear actuators can be used in the robots to facilitate movements of the different parts requiring motion.
  • The read and write heads of computer disk drives are mounted on a linear actuator to be moved for reading and writing on the disk.
  • In printers used in offices around campus, linear actuators are used to move the printing head across the pages of paper. Linear actuators found in copy machines are used in a similar way.
  • Linear actuators can be used in sports for lifting and installing sports apparatus. For example, a basketball board can be hoisted to the right height for installation.
  • Campus libraries can also use linear actuators. They can be used for hoisting books on high shelves instead of ladders. They can also be used to move conveyor belts carrying books during sorting.


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