5 Essential iPhone Apps for Students

By Lior Levin

Today, more students are carrying smartphones than ever before and, increasingly, those phones are factoring in to how they prepare for their classes.

As a result of this trend, app developers have jumped on the student market, writing a slew of useful, interesting and compelling applications that can do everything, present information, perform simple conversions to replace expensive pieces of equipment.

If you’re a student and you have an iPhone, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of great applications out there to help you get through school, learn more and earn better grades.

However, here are five applications that virtually every student will want or need. Not only can they help make school easier, but they can also make it cheaper too.

1. iStudiez Pro ($2.99)

Todo lists are legion on the iPhone but iStudiez is unique in that it is targeted at students and educators.

IStudiez Pro helps you keep track of your class schedule, stay on top of your homework assignments, including both long and short term projects, track your grades and, using push alerts, warn you of impending deadlines.

In short, iStudiez Pro is a great “home base” app for any student, letting you monitor almost every element of your academic life.

2. Graphing Calculator ($1.99)

A graphic calculator can be a very expensive purchase, especially if you are only planning on using it for a class or two. The graphing calculator app, however, costs less than $2 and uses the phone you already have.

Though not as powerful as a stand alone calculator, it may be more than enough for those who just need one occasionally or for a quick class. Be warned that many professors will ban phone usage, even just for the calculator, and standardized tests also bar them.

However, you could always borrow one for those times when your iPhone isn’t available.

3. BIGWORDS.com (free)

Textbooks are expensive though Bigwords, according to their description, saves the average student $225 on books over the course of a semester.

Bigwords works by comparison shopping at online textbook sellers and finding the best prices to buy, rent or sell books.

Best of all, Bigwords can actually take into account shipping discounts and other multiple item purchase discounts, to ensure that you save even more money and get your books more quickly.

4. National Geographic World Atlas ($1.99)

No matter what you’re studying, knowing where things are in the world is critical and National Geographic’s World Atlas application can help.

With “press-ready” high-resolution images, National Geographic’s app not only offers the clearest, most zoomable, view of the world, it also has a large database of information, including over 7 million entries.

It even works with your iPhone’s GPS, making it great if you plan on doing some travel while being a student.

5. Star Walk ($2.99)

Finally, as great as knowing where you are on earth is, knowing where you are in the stars is even more fascinating. Star Walk lets you hold your iPhone up to the sky and instantly see what’s above you.

With this app, you can see the names of various stars, find constellations, track satellites and even go back in time. This is a must have for any student taking astronomy, but is also a great app for any student who needs a little bit of extra inspiration.

Of course, these are just some of the great apps available in the App Store, which includes hundreds of apps few have even discovered.

Author Information

Lior Levin works as an online consultant for an MA in Israel school.


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