Getting a Trade Degree as a Career Move may be a More Valid Option Than You Realize!

Getting a Trade Degree as a Career Move may be a More Valid Option Than You Realize!
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    Going to college for four years appears seems to be the default choice for a lot of people when they finish high school.

    Other options such as trade school are easily overlooked when considering career options.

    However, most of these people may not be aware of the compelling career path offered by trade school.


However, most of these people may not be aware of the compelling career path offered by trade school. More people approaching a high school graduation should seriously consider getting a trade degree.

What is a trade school?

This is an educational institution that exists for the sole purpose of teaching the necessary skills related to a specific job. Trade schools tend to take a more streamlined approach towards education by focusing on a curriculum that develops a particular skill set and knowledge base. Most of the training done in this type of school is hands on which may be an ideal learning environment for many.

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Who can join trade school?

Here are the minimum requirements for admission into trade school:

1) A high school diploma or a general education diploma.
2) Depending on the schools program, you may also be required to have attained a 2.0 or higher if you are joining from high school.

Why you want a trade degree

1) Salary is relatively the same as a college graduate. The National Center for Education Statistics calculates that a college graduate makes about $45,000 per year compared to a trade school graduate who makes an average of $42,000 annually.

2) Launch your career 2 years earlier than a college graduate. Trade school takes 2 years to complete as opposed to 4 years to complete college.

3) Save more money. On average, a trade school degree in the United States costs about $33,000 compared to getting a bachelors degree which costs about $127,000. That is a difference of $94,000.

4) Specific career plan. You have probably heard of a friend or relative who graduated from college after four years but had trouble securing a job in their specific field. Sometimes students may encounter problems connecting their education with real life experiences because their education was too broad.

Trade school offers the opportunity to train in a specific area which will lead to a specific career plan such as healthcare, computers and business. This specific training helps secure a job when you graduate.

5) Training is hands on. This is an added advantage especially if you learn best by physically doing something. Hearing how to do something is one thing, but doing it physically is something different.
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Bottom line: trade school vs. college

I should probably have mentioned that I am not against a college degree. I am just making a good case for an option that seems to be overlooked. A college degree also has numerous merits but as they say, the ball is now in your court. A degree from college and one from trade school both offer valid career options but it is upon you to decide which one works best for you.

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