Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?

Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?
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    Think about it, how frequently will you switch careers in your life?

    A significant number of people change careers at least a few times over the course of their lifetimes.

    How adaptive and successful your transition will be relies heavily on how much preparation and career planning you have done.


Essentially, career planning is important regardless of whether or not you have already begun your career. It is impossible to overstate the importance of stepping out of your day to day work routine to spend time reflecting on your career and coming up with plans for the future.

Why you want to do career planning

  • Planning assists you to have knowledge of different career opportunities.
  • Career planning helps you identify a career that is most suitable to you with respect to your lifestyle and preferences.
  • For people who are already pursuing their careers, it helps their job performance by tapping into their abilities and potential.
  • Following your career plans ensures that you are always working towards a target which stimulates personal growth.
  • Career planning is not meant for individuals alone. A business that has a well crafted career plans portrays a better image of itself in the employment market which will ensure it attracts and retains competent employees.

How to find and do work you love:

Developing a solid career plan

A good career strategy depends on strong foundations. Detailed plans are a necessity since you can’t afford to take a chance with your career. Developing a career plan can be broken down into 5 steps;

  1. 1) Self assessment. Before begin making a career plan you need to reflect on yourself. You need to understand your skills, qualities, knowledge, your likes and interests and your life values.
  2. Consider the available options. Identify the jobs that are most likely to suit you best based on your interest, knowledge and abilities. The options might be a lot more than you realize.
  3. Set your goals. Take all the information that you have already gathered and come up with ideal and realistic career goals. This is an important step so you really need to take your time here.
  4. Develop and implement your plans. After gathering all the information and making the necessary decisions it’s now time to come up with a plan of action. Planning is necessary as it increases your chances of success. It is equally important to maintain flexibility and an open mind at this stage of planning. Even if you begin with ideas that are a little vague, as you progress, they might become more specific.
  5. Review and adjust your plans. Events and opportunities change over the course of time so it is important to constantly revisit your plans and make any necessary adjustments. Reviewing your plans also makes sure that you follow your plans.


Somebody once said that “not planning is planning to fail”. Planning for your career puts your career in your own hands. It enables you to steer your career towards whichever direction you want and achieve happiness and satisfaction along the way. You have the power to define your career.

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Planning and executing a good career plan may not exactly be easy, but it is well worth all the effort you pour into it in the long run.

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  • Things don’t always go as planned; therefore feel free to adjust your plans as many or as few times as needed.
  • Start now. It is never too late or too early to begin planning for your career.
  • Regardless of how solid your plan is, it is necessary to maintain an open mind about options and opportunities. Don’t stick too much to your original plans.


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