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Career Planning

What Were the Best Highest Paying Majors for College Graduates in 2018?

According to the latest number from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with only a high school diploma will earn at least $718 weekly, and those with some college education will earn $799. A bachelor’s degree will earn a weekly average of $1,189, while those with a master degree could earn $1,451 weekly.

Career Planning

5 Essential Tips for Career Planning in College

Tweet Can you really rely on your 18 year old self for such an important decision? Clearly, the answer is no. But this answer is not enough. People need to

Career Planning

Career Planning: Steps and the Way Forward

Tweet DEFINITIONS CAREER The Oxford English dictionary defines career as the course or progress of an individual through life. CAREER PLANNING This is the continuous planning of one’s work life.

Career Planning

Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?

Tweet Essentially, career planning is important regardless of whether or not you have already begun your career. It is impossible to overstate the importance of stepping out of your day

College Search

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

Tweet The best investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself. Choosing which college to attend is the first step in investing in your future. There are several

Career Planning

College Career Planning for Job Security or Passion?

Tweet A good number of students admitted into college are very ignorant about their chosen career path. Many students have chosen courses that do not align with their strengths, just