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Building A Successful Career Brand – 4 Important Tips For Every College Graduate

Tweet Branding is very important for career development because it helps to define who you’re and showcases what sets you apart from the rest of your colleagues. It’s about establishing

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Career Empowerment through Acquirement of College Education

You went to college, finished your degree, and called it a wrap. Now, you feel this great urge to go back to college, and you are wondering if it is worth it. Should I go back to college?

Career Planning

Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?

Think about it, how frequently will you switch careers in your life? A significant number of people change careers at least a few times over the course of their lifetimes. How adaptive and successful your transition will be relies heavily on how much preparation and career planning you have done.

Career Planning

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Career Choice

The biggest tragedy in life is failing to understand yourself- who you really are. Many people fly on other people’s wings or spend their lives walking on terrains that aren’t fit for them at all.

Career Planning

College Career Planning for Job Security or Passion?

A good number of students admitted into college are very ignorant about their chosen career path. Many students have chosen courses that do not align with their strengths, just to enter a certain job market.

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How To Utilize Humanities Degrees

What can you do with a Humanities Degree you ask?

Career Planning

12 Career Tips for College Students

College provides plenty of knowledge, access to the brightest minds in academia, and contact with people that can last a lifetime. One area where it is weak is in career preparation, especially how to practically apply what you learn.

Career Planning

10 Smart Tips For Savvy Job Seekers

Tweet Yesterday, SayCampusLife shared tips on how using LinkedIn—the professional networking site—can be beneficial in helping you find work, particularly if you are a college senior. Today, we’re going to