Why College Students Should Take Summer Classes

Why College Students Should Take Summer Classes
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    It is the period that most students look forward to immediately after their final exams in the spring.

    For many students the summer is a time to relax away from the books and professors. Other students take on jobs to help them pay tuition for next semester.


We also have some group of students who sign up for summer classes either online or in community colleges. There are a couple of things that those taking up summer classes should consider.

Reasons for Taking Summer Classes

  1. Most of the students who take summer classes are looking to redo a course or two that they didn’t do well in. Therefore, summer classes can be used to improve your overall GPA.
  2. The other reason is to do extra courses that you can transfer and therefore be able to finish your degree much earlier. You can end up spending only three years for a four year degree program
  3. You can enroll for a summer class to test yourself on the subject that you are considering to take when school resumes.
  4. Finally, some units require you to do pre-requisite subjects to qualify. Summer classes can help you get the pre-requisites for other courses.

There are several important advantages to taking summer classes:

  1. Summer classes take a short period to complete unlike the traditional classes. Students who prefer short intensive course to maintain focus will enjoy the summer classes. The classes take around six to eight weeks.
  2. Because they are short, students take one or two classes at a time. This allows them to become more focused on the subject unlike when trying to balance 4 other classes.
  3. The summer classes are not only short but also have small sized classes. This means that the lectures or instructors can give individual attention to the students and are easily reachable.
  4. The summer classes are considered much more relaxed as they are less formal than other programs. Therefore, students as well as instructors are much more open in terms of interaction.
  5. It helps the students to still remain in the routine of school. This helps them be able to retain whatever they learnt during the normal semester.

Other Reasons for Summer School

Although the reason for joining a summer class look very compelling, there are some other things that a student should also consider:

  1. As much as remaining in a school routine is good for retaining information, it is important to have some break or rest. The summer classes begin almost immediately after the end of semesters as they are very intensive.
  2. Summer school as we have seen are short, therefore, it doesn’t allow a student to miss classes. If you happen to miss even one class, you will be left behind.
  3. Even though summer classes, whether online or on colleges are much cheaper than the other courses, they are not covered in the college financial aid.
  4. If you have a summer job, then balancing summer classes and the job is very difficult and many a times one of them will be greatly affected.
  5. Because of the intensity of the short classes, you will be spending all your time in the summer in studying. It may even eat into your normal semester and affect your course study.

When selecting a summer class, always consult with your college’s academic counselor to know if you will be able to transfer the credits. Summer classes offered by your college are the best as they are linked with your course curriculum. Therefore, as summer approaches you now have an idea of what summer classes are all about. Make sure to share this information through social media!


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