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Why College Students Should Take Summer Classes

It is the period that most students look forward to immediately after their final exams in the spring. For many students the summer is a time to relax away from the books and professors. Other students take on jobs to help them pay tuition for next semester.

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The Best Approach to Surviving College Summer School

Who in their right mind would voluntarily take summer classes? Notably, some of your classmates and hundreds of thousands of other college students across the nation would.


How to Make the Most of Your Summer College Class

Most of your friends will be working this summer or spending a lot of time at the beach, the lake or taking advantage of other leisurely pursuits. You, on the other hand, have decided to delay pleasure.


Summer College Courses: What to Consider

You’ve seen them around for a while: summer college course books that are pushing classes that begin as early as May and end as late as August.

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Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World

Tweet Summer classes can rock your world by having a profound impact on your studies. These days students have many options available to them for acquiring college credit. If you


How to Survive College Summer School

Tweet You thought it was a good idea to take a class over the summer, but now you’re having second thoughts and are considering dropping it. Hold on there! You

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Raise Your GPA With Summer College Courses

Tweet Your GPA may only rise slightly if you’re near the end of your college tenure, but it can enjoy a significant boost if you’re still a freshman. Read on


Should You Register For Summer Classes?

Tweet Those dreams may not be completely realistic or might at least distract you from what you know you really should be doing and that is taking one or two


How to Pick the Best College Class Schedule

Tweet Making the college schedule that is right for you. You can’t always work it out to get Fridays off, but by employing the following common sense strategies, you can

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4 Reasons To Stay On Campus This Summer

Tweet College classes for this academic year are coming to an end, meaning that many students will be fleeing campus in pursuit of summer jobs, volunteer activities, or leisurely pursuits