What You Should Do to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

What You Should Do to Keep Your Brain Healthy?
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    Within the past decade, there has been a rise in brain health.

    While in the past, staying healthy mainly included physical fitness and diet; but with Alzheimer’s and dementia rising rapidly, there has been a major push for brain health.


With the notion of keeping our brains, healthy comes various ways, options and medicinal routes all claiming to boost brain power. Over $1 Billion a year is spent in the brain health market. People looking for brain enhancement have numerous options including; playing games, taking herbal supplements and medication and yes, physical fitness.

If one is to search the internet, one could find pages and pages of different games and puzzles that all say will improve brain function. A study review of 52 other studies in PLOS Medicine yielding results that say otherwise, in fact, other aging professionals are coming out and saying the same thing. So what should you do to keep your brain healthy? It could be as simple as brushing your teeth.

New ideas for brain health have more to do with invoking your other senses and experiencing new things help more than games.

1. Retrain Your Mornings

Start with your morning routines, shower with your eyes closed. By doing this, your other senses will be learning new things about your body, and feeding the effects to your brain. Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand, and don’t forget to use this hand to open and close the toothpaste. This will use the opposite of your brain that doesn’t normally get this signal from your dominant hand.

Changing your whole routine can make a difference as well. As people get stuck in their ruts of getting ready, our brains are not active. By switching up the routine, like eat before you dress or mixing up the walk with the dog can wake up your brain.

2. Explore New Places

Give this a try; visit someplace new and when you get home try drawing a map of where you just were gone. Your senses will experience new smells, sights, and tastes from a place you have never been too. It will also help your memory by drawing a map and trying to remember details of the new area.

3. Inspired Cooking

Whether it’s taking a cooking class or trying a new cuisine, feed your brain. Cooking can involve all of your senses, sending new impulses to the brain. Even just trying a new cuisine can create new memories of the smells, taste, and texture of the food. You have to eat anyways, change up your food and change up your brain activities.

4. Two-for-Ones

Take up a new sport or hobby. Each will send new signals to your brain. By repeating the same sport or hobby, your brain is in its routine and therefore not as active. Repetitiveness is your brain going on auto-pilot. Fire it up as your senses experience the newness. Also by trying a new hobby or sport, you get the added benefits of bettering your hand to eye coordination and physical activity.

5. Learn Unusual

Learn a new language, learn to read out loud, learn to read upside down. All three require different senses that you don’t use while speaking the same language or reading a book to yourself right side up. A new language can help enrich your vocabulary and teaches your brain new sounds and meanings. While reading out loud can help improve your speech ability. It’s easy to skim over words reading to yourself as your brain is trained to do this; reading out loud makes your brain actively read everything. Reading upside down is again training your brain a new way to understand something.

Keep your brain as young as possible:


The best exercises for your brain is all about using your senses in a new way. While the mind games can be fun, it’s the experiences that help brain health. Staying repetitive stalls your brain, kick start it by changing up routines. You don’t have to overhaul your life, just try to do something in a different way.

These are just a few easy ways to help your brain health. There is also new brain boosting medicines and herbs, like Cogniflex that will become even more plentiful as the brain health market rises.

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