6 Types Of Exercise To Avoid If You Have Joint Pain

6 Types Of Exercise To Avoid If You Have Joint Pain
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    In the world today, exercise is receiving more emphasis than ever before.

    This is as a result of the great sensitization on healthy living.


Exercise has been proven as a venture that will help you reduce your susceptibility to illnesses like diabetes and heart attacks. However, exercising is a path that you should tread on with maximum caution. 

Sometimes you may become overzealous about remaining healthy or losing weight that you get carried away: nothing can slow you down, not even injuries. Now, Commitment is great but you have to take bit carefully while choosing the type of exercise in order to minimize the risk of getting injured. This is especially true for you who is suffering from joint pains.  You should be careful when choosing the ideal exercise routine that will not aggravate your pains.

At one point in your life, your joints may start hurting maybe as a result of arthritis or sometimes excessive exercising. This can happen when you are knee deep in your exercise plans. So does not mean that you should stop exercising?

You cannot possibly throw all your weight loss and fitness plans through the window just because your joints hurt. Rather, you should engage in low-impact exercises such as swimming, cycling or walking. These routines are just a few of the exercises that won’t aggravate your joint pains. After all, you don’t want to exercise then go to the hospital the next day due to pains. High impact exercises should totally be avoided as they are likely to cause injuries. Among the exercises you should never engage in when your joint are hurting include:

1. Weightlifting

Weight lifting exercises involve placing a lot of stress on your muscles in addition to stressing your joints. Now if your joints are painful, the last thing you should be considering is applying a lot of pressure on them. This is why you should not lift any weights especially if your shoulder and knee joints hurt. This will only increase the pressure on this areas and in the long run cause injuries.

2. Jumping rope

This is a form of high impact exercise that involves y6ou landing on the ground one too often. In the process, your joints are receiving immense pressure especially as you land on the ground. This excessive pressure that is applied consistently may aggravate the pain in your joints.

3. Running or jogging

These two are the most common types of exercises. Due to their ability to increase the heart rate to absurd rates, they can help cut down calories faster. However, they should not feature in your exercise routine when you have joint pain. This is because they involve heavy landing on the ground thus placing a lot of pressure on the hurting joints. This stress will affect your joints adversely leading to further damage.

4. Squat jumps

Most people are overly keen on making their buttocks firm. Nobody, especially ladies, wants a wobbly backside that looks like it can pour off at any moment. It is in this pursuit that they engage in squat routines. Now, squat jumps involve you squatting and then standing straight in successive motions. The routine thus involves squatting- standing, squatting – standing. As you can imagine, this is a high impact exercise that will place a lot of stress on your back and knee joints. This stress will be detrimental if these joints are hurting.

5. Treadmill exercise

In modern day gyms, treadmills are a common sight. This equipment gives the same effect as running or jogging. When you step on the treadmill and start ‘running’ almost all you joint will be moving i.e. the knee, back shoulder joints. This movement will cause friction in the joints and can even lead to tearing of the joint ligaments. And because you don’t want to multiply your pain, you are better off staying off the treadmill until your joints heal.

6.  Intensive aerobics

When you go for aerobics keep dancing vigorously, your joints will be moving at a very high rate. This leaves a lot of impact on them and can, therefore, be painful if your joints are hurting. You probably won’t even be able to dance in this state. However, should your overzealousness make you continue the pain notwithstanding, you will end up with more pain the next day. This can’t possibly be your desire. This is why you should shelve your aerobics class until your joints come around.


As a cure for joint troubles, exercise is a must. It is only through an exercise that you will be able to loosen those tight joints. However, there are some exercises you should avoid because engaging in them can lead to further damage and even more pain. Among these no go exercises is running, jogging, weight lifting, squat jumps, frog jumps among others. This list encompasses the kind of exercises that place a lot of stress on your ailing joints. You can, however, engage in low impact exercises like swimming, cycling and walking.


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