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Here’s a thought: you have a big test coming up in a few days and you need to show some progress on a term paper for your European History class. You’re also scheduled to work Friday and Saturday evening at Big Box Retailer and hope to fit in a couple of opening round games for the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments.

Whoever said that college life was relaxing? Even to enjoy some time away from studies and other responsibilities, you have to schedule yourself wisely or risk losing out on some fun or worse fall behind on assignments.

world timeHow you learn to handle multiple responsibilities now will serve you well when you are working. But, you could certainly use some tips right about now to learn how to balance everything without getting stressed.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can get everything done without losing it:

Prioritize — List each of the tasks you need to accomplish and then organize them by priority.  You may think catching several games over the weekend should top the list, but in reality leisure activities are usually toward the bottom of the list. Hint: If you plan things out carefully, you’ll be able to enjoy fun stuff later on (and more of it).

Organize — Once you have prioritized everything, you’ll want to keep it all organized. The best way to do that is to purchase an organizer — a book or electronic device will do — allowing you to input everything,  having a handy record in one place.

Balance — When your  schedule gets crazy, how can you balance multiple activities? By thinking ahead.  For example, if you must work this weekend and you have a book that needs to be read by Monday, bring that book to work and read it on your breaks. You’ll knock out a few extra chapters and have fewer pages to deal with later on.

Execute — No plan can succeed unless it is first carried out. In order to execute everything you’ll need to take the first step and then continuosly evaluate and refine as you go. Does this sound like a chore? In some ways it is — but, once you get the hang of it you’ll soon begin to appreciate what careful planning can do for you when it comes to managing your time.

Life often comes at us with fresh challenges and new possibilities. By keeping things under your management and through careful planning and execution, you can accomplish your goals while still having time to pursue those leisure activities that can benefit you.

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