How to do a Good College Presentation (Part 3/3)

How to do a Good College Presentation (Part 3/3)
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    Now that your presentation is ready, it's time to practice in giving your college presentation.

    You will be nervous. That's okay. But practice will help you get through it.


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Action 8. Ask Questions, Answer Questions

There will always be questions about your story. Sometimes because some of your listeners have not understood or understood something, sometimes also because there is a need for additional information. Think in advance how you want to organize those questions.

May the questions be asked immediately, or should they be saved until you explicitly give them space, for example at the end of your story? If you have clarity about that yourself, it will also indicate to your audience at the start of your talk. This way you prevent unnecessary unrest that you can get out of your concentration.

Action 9. Talk or Reading a Speech is Not a Reading

It is therefore not the intention that your whole pieces of text are literally read to you, it is not for nothing that a speech is given. Still it can be nice to put some catchwords in the right order on paper. It helps you not to forget important pieces of information in the stress of the moment.

Action 10. Use of Technology

With some speaking engagements, the use of a presentation, for example with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, can be supportive. But beware that such a thing actually only supports.

The emphasis must be on you as a speaker and the story you have to tell. It is very annoying if you just run a powerpoint presentation and tell something here and there.

Make sure you keep the initiative. If you use a presentation, make sure you can be sure of the technology. To start with, you need a computer, a projector and a screen for a powerpoint presentation, or a computer with an IWB.

It is good to check in advance if everything works and whether your presentation can be played. To work with the above action points you have been able to work on a good preparation. That helps you to have a good presentation.

Action 10. Become the Actor

You still have your own role to play. Whoever gives a talk for the first time can be a little nervous about that. Those who are tense tend to speak faster and in a hurry. That is of course not good for your intelligibility; it is also not good to hold the attention of your audience. Try to speak calmly. If you yourself think that it is all a bit slow, then it is usually just the right pace.

other valuable tips:

Do you find it difficult to look at your audience because this makes you nervous? Then try to look just over the heads. Your audience thinks that you are still looking at them and it saves you extra nerves.

If you have your letter with catchwords ready, your demonstration materials present and the technology working properly, then nothing stands in your way anymore. Make it a nice talk!

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