25 Different Ways of Saving Money In College

25 Different Ways of Saving Money In College
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    Many college students live on a tight budget.

    Some of them find it hard to make ends meet because of the high tuition costs and daily living expenses.


The only way you can survive in college is by being so keen on how you are spending your money.

Always make sure that your spending is within your means and not beyond. There is no harm in that in fact,if you are having enough of what you need in college, what else matters?

The following tips will help you in saving money in college:

  • 1. Avoid impulse buying
  • 2. Cut out much fun of drinking and smoking, they can be too expensive for you.
  • 3. Pay bills on time to avoid penalties and late fees.
  • 4. Consider living with others so that you can split out expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries etc
  • 5. Consider shopping at places that offer student discounts.
  • 6. Make meals together with friends so that you can split out the food expenses.
  • 7. Buy or rent old textbooks and sell the ones you have for the previous semesters.
  • 8. Open a savings account that earns interest.
  • 9. Limit how you go out eating. If you are in the school’s meal plan, stick to it.
  • 10. Instead of having a car in school, walk, ride a bike or use public means to get to school.
  • 11. Sell out whatever you no longer need in the dorm/house
  • 12. Avoid buying unnecessary stuff for example, what is the point of buying notebooks while you have a laptop?
  • 13. Don’t purchase books that you will use for a short time. If you have a library, make use of those books that are there.
  • 14. Don’t spend money going out instead,take advantage of the activities offered by the school.
  • 15. Monitor on your mobile phone usage. This are things like data usage and cell phone bills.
  • 16. Never apply for loans for anything else besides educational purposes
  • 17. Buy a coffee make and be making your own coffee instead of visiting coffee shops.
  • 18. Keep a pet after college. Pets can be very expensive to maintain.
  • 19. Opt for a campus gym instead of a gym in town. Many colleges offer free membership to their students or at a lower rate.
  • 20. Make use of the available school amenities such as hospitals. free activities, childcare, library, counselling etc
  • 21. Find cheap housing near campus
  • 22. Mostly buy hand washed clothes, dry cleaning is quite expensive
  • 23.Apply for scholarships you are eligible for
  • 24. Start a side job for extra dollar
  • 25. Attend all your class. You are paying for those classes and missing out is a form of throwing money!
other valuable tips:

The small amounts of money you save here and there in college will help you save more over the years. Once you have a good amount, you will be able to decide on a responsible thing to do with it.

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