How Do Political Issues Affect the Public Education System?

How Do Political Issues Affect the Public Education System?
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    It is a common rule in the land that everyone is entitled to education, and this is what state colleges and public universities are giving, or should be giving to its people.


And over the years, these state colleges and universities have been chests of treasures for a country as it molds future leaders, businessmen, sportsmen, and quality citizens.

But what if the state itself is having issues? How will it affect a country’s education system and the state of living of the students? Let us find out…

How Politics Can Affect The Public Education System

In 2017, there were at least 98,000 public schools and institutions in the US who provided generally free education to their local constituents. They usually rely on the state funding for the school or university to continue its run. And this is the situation to other country’s local public education system.

A state education system will most likely be affected by any political issue they might face. Especially if it pertains to the overall budget of the state.

If they deem to add or deduct from the annual budget they usually allocate to education, it will definitely take a toll on the quality of education they give.

But financial momentum is not the only political factor that can affect a country’s educational system. Political affiliation and even communism is one big factor as well.

A Real-Life Example

The Philippines in Asia are experiencing this kind of problem with its state colleges as the students are taking the side of the communist which the State considers as rebels. The student leaders are boldly leaving classes to conduct mass rallies to express their disgust to the government.

But the President himself is standing on his ground firm, that these powers behind the student movement are State Enemies, and is even considering stripping them of their academical luxury. Because of all of these, countless classes had been stopped prematurely because of the commotion done, up to enforcing police force to the campus grounds.

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We can go on and on to list how several political issues can affect the education system of a nation. But one thing is certain, these things are beyond controllable on our standpoint, but on the things we have power on, we must do what we should.

As a student, do what you must, study hard and build your own future through persistence. A teacher or professor? Help the State in honing the leaders of tomorrow. Big steps start small, and what do we know? Prosperity might already be among us. His education still is a man’s greatest treasure.

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