Creative Ways To Make Your Flyer Stand Out

Creative Ways To Make Your Flyer Stand Out
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    When you’re walking around on campus, you see countless flyers advertising events, interest meetings, or off-campus parties, trying to get students like you to come out and support.

    Flyers can be an effective and inexpensive way to promote something.


Flyer distribution is a popular marketing strategy. It helps grab someone’s attention long enough that they read your flyer and go to your website, visit your social media page, or show up at your event.

How can you achieve this? Keep reading for creative ways to make your flyer stand out from the crowd.

Identify & Speak to Your Target Audience

Before making your flyer, the first thing you want to do is identify your target audience and understand what will grab their attention. Doing your research will help you convey your message so that it stands out from the others.

For example, if you’re trying to create a video game club, you need to use specific terms, jokes, or pictures that will only grab the attention of those who play video games.

Essential Tip: When creating your flyer, use “your” and “you” instead of “we,” “I,” or “us.”

Create a Striking Focal Point

Engage your readers by creating a unique focal point to help grab the attention of those walking past. You want to use high-quality photographs to convey and support a clear message.

Use bright colors and unique but legible font to make an eye-catching creative effect that makes your flyer stand out from the stack of others.

Less Is More: Keep the Content Simple

Your flyer needs a catchy headline, action words, and bullet points. When creating your flyer, you should remember that you only have a few seconds to make an impression and catch the attention of potential customers or eventgoers.

That’s why it’s essential to get straight to the point and strategize what’s on your flyer. Your flyer should include all necessary details and benefits on a 5×7 piece of paper.

Offer Special Promotions or Discounts

It’s human nature to love a good promotion or discount. Attaching a promotional offer or code to your flyer will catch the attention of someone passing by.

For example, if you’re promoting a special event that requires purchasing a ticket, place a QR code on your flyer that will direct someone to a discounted ticket price.

Make Sure To Include a Call to Action

When conveying your message, tell your audience what to do next. Tell them to take action—for example, call or visit our website to order now.

Get your reader excited and interested to learn more about your event, club, or business. Be clear and concise about where to find details, contact information, location, and more.

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Double-Check Your Flyer Before You Print

When you’ve finished designing your flyer and feel like it’s perfect, you’re ready to prepare your flyer for printing! Double-check for spelling errors, low-quality design aspects, and imperfections.

Sometimes, things happen, and we change our minds. If you don’t like the creative direction, this is your time to tweak anything!

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