How to Pass All of Your Exams in College

How to Pass All of Your Exams in College
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    Before we start talking about exams, let's say a few things about YOU!

    First of all, if you started school, you can finish it successfully, too!


Before we start talking about exams, let’s say a few things about YOU!

First of all, if you started school, you can finish it successfully, too! So, one of the most important things is confidence! Motivation is the key thing in making something successful.

So, remember:

  • You are capable of all of it
  • If you started your school and stuck in some moment, stop and think about why you started, remember what motivated you to start the school
  • You are smart enough
  • There is nothing you can not do
  • You can do it

Now, if you are aware of how strong you are, let’s start the conversation about studying and passing exams.

The perfect situation would be if you would start studying from the first lesson, doing all your homework on time and taking all of your exams and, I am sure, you would pass them all.

But, what if we are not so consistent in the studying process? First, decide why you want to pass your exam. Second, make a plan!

But, what kind of plan? How? Continue reading…

Golden advice for passing your exams

Sit down, take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down what exams you want to pass. Write down the dates of the exams you are taking.

Now, you have to clarify and be honest with yourself – will you be able to focus on all of them, or will you choose a few of them to focus on (and the rest leave for later)?

After you are done picking what exams are you taking, let’s plan the studying process.

The Studying Process

  1. First, make sure to clarify what lessons you need to know for the exams.
  2. Second, take a sheet of paper and write down the titles of the lessons.
  3. Then, find the literature you can study from. (Make sure you have the right books and studying material, so that your work won’t be in vain.)
  4. Now, you have to count how many days you have until the exam.
  5. After that, divide the pages of literature and materials per day.
  6. Now, be careful and check if it’s a real-time thing. In other words, make sure you have a real amount of studying material for e.g. 8 hours of studying per day. (And not like 1000 pages.)
  7. After this process, take a deep breath and START!

Note: I passed almost all of my exams this way! It works! I guarantee you!

Okay, we understand the studying plan, but we are still panicking! What about stress?

Before you start, I suggest you meditate for 15 minutes. When you hear meditation, I don’t mean to go into the spiritual journey and see galaxies, but to stay still.

So, just sit down, you can lay down, too, and pay attention to your breathing. Take a deep conscious breath, and count one, two, three… until you feel how calm you are. Stay like that for 15 minutes. If you lose yourself in thoughts, do not worry. When you become aware again, just come back and keep conscious breathing again.

other valuable tips:


Please, during this process of studying, do not take alcohol or drugs to calm down. It can just make you feel sleepy or put in a blue state where you think there is no solution and give up. And that is an illusion, because, if you have ten exams, and pass just one (because of a short period of time it was possible to pass only one) it is a success. Planning your exams this way, for next time, you can pass the other nine. Just do not give up!

If you want to inspire others too, please share this article, and invite your friends to study together! I believe in you all!

Good luck 🙂

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