Juggling Sports & Academics- How College Students Can Get The Best Of Both

Juggling Sports & Academics- How College Students Can Get The Best Of Both
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    Life can be challenging for student-athletes because you have to juggle sports and academics together.

    There are matches and practice to squeeze into your schedule along with projects and classes and you may feel drained at times.


But that’s exactly what makes things more exciting, which is probably the reason why most college athletes end up achieving more than the average students. Thankfully, you can get the best of both worlds with the right attitude and some smart time management.

Here are some easy-to-implement suggestions that college athletes can follow to excel at sports and academics together.

Set realistic goals

Student life requires goals, more so if you are pursuing both studies and sports. Find a mix of targets, such as hitting a certain GPA and scoring a certain number of goals in a season.

Athletes are blessed with competitive drives that carry over naturally to the classroom, so achieving your goals will probably be easy.

However, as you set them, ensure that they are realistic enough otherwise you may end up pressurizing yourself too much. Dividing the overall goal into smaller milestones is a good idea as it makes them easier to fulfill.

Create a workable schedule

Time management is perhaps the biggest challenge that you will have to face while switching between sports and study. Practice and workouts are easier to manage because they are on a set schedule. The real challenge is to create a routine for academics.

According to ex-student athlete fred buckley, you should set aside a specific time through the week to study and cover the missed parts through the weekends. Planning ahead and adhering to schedules will keep you on track. Gradually, you can get better as this practice will improve your time management skills over time.

Seek support

As a student-athlete, there are chances you will miss classes more often than you expect. This isn’t something you would want to happen because it can impact your grades significantly.

On the other hand, missing practice sessions and games is also not a choice. The best way to deal with the situation is to seek support, both from peers and professors.

While fellow students can offer help with assignments, professors can support you by being flexible with deadlines. But make sure that you don’t take undue favors if you are looking for long-term support.

Steer clear of stress

Needless to say, juggling between the roles of a student and an athlete can be stressful. There is pressure to perform in the class and the playground, which can put you in a tight spot. Dealing with stress is a conscious decision and is as important as anything else.

other valuable tips:

Eating well and getting good sleep will help you on both fronts. While there would be plenty of exercise in your routine, practicing deep breathing and meditation every day can help you manage stress much better. Being mentally prepared for the challenges down the years is equally important.

Although handling the pressure of sports and studies together through the college years is tough, it is still doable. The right mindset and lots of motivation can help you emerge victorious on both fronts.

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