How to Plan for a Successful Theater Production

How to Plan for a Successful Theater Production
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    Knowing how to plan for a successful theater production amid COVID-19 is not easy. Many campuses remain closed and theater productions aren't being put on during this time.


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the future. Although this changing landscape seems scary, like many businesses, the theater business can adapt to the changes to deliver escapism in a way that keeps patrons engaged and, more importantly, safe.

The only two things we won’t be going into is the necessity for thorough cleaning and lower seating capacity to maintain social distancing. The reason for that is that those two rules should go without saying if you’re planning on opening any business, especially a theater. 

Make Your Venue Presentable

When audiences flock back to your theater, they don’t want to see a dirty venue that hasn’t undergone cleaning or decorating in quite some time.

If you want the audience to have fun watching your play, they need to feel comfortable. Before opening night, thoroughly clean, dust, and spruce up your venue to make it look as good as new.

Take special notice of the quality of your paint, seats, and curtains.

It’s important to maintain good stage curtains because, not only can they begin to look dingy and old, they can even pose a safety hazard to crew and audience members alike.

Make sure you know how to tell when to replace old theater curtains so that you can keep your venue beautiful and safe with one simple move.

Hold Digital Auditions

Given the circumstances of COVID-19, you’ll need to find a way to safely hold auditions without having actors line up and present themselves to you. Don’t worry—there’s a very easy solution to this. Thanks to video chat apps like Zoom, families, friends, and businesses can stay together while social distancing. You can’t put on a production if you don’t audition actors, so use this technology to your advantage.

Assemble a Good Crew

Passion should be one of the top attributes you look for in your crew members. You’ll, of course, want someone with a lot of experience under their belt but don’t be afraid to give someone a chance if all they have is passion on their side.

other valuable tips:

You also need crew members who can problem solve effectively at a moment’s notice because that’s the pace at which issues can occur on set. Since many theater workers are working from home or totally out of work, now is a good time to start assembling that perfect crew through virtual interviews.

As you can see, learning how to plan for a successful theater production can be tricky. While the world shifts each and every day, you can make sure your campus’s next production is ready to go when things start to somewhat go back to normal. There’s only one thing that you should worry about more than keeping your audience entertained—keeping them safe while you’re doing it.

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