Setting up the Perfect Entertainment Center

Setting up the Perfect Entertainment Center
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    Setting up the perfect entertainment center is possible no matter where you are living.


If you live in the dorms, some of your options are going to be limited, unfortunately. If you have your own apartment off campus, then you are only limited by your budget and roommates.

The holy grail is your own apartment, of course, where you do whatever you please, wherever and whenever you want to do it. Whatever your living situation, you can still have a killer entertainment center with a little creativity and by following a few rules.

Run the Proper Cables

This might seem like an afterthought because for most people it is. Who cares about the cables and hook-ups you use as long as they work and there’s sound, right? Wrong.

Using the right HDMI cables and audio cables can bring your monitor and sound system to a whole new level. Do some research and read the owner’s manuals on all your equipment to find out what size is going to give you the best results.

Secure Good Tech

There are hundreds of different kinds of speakers, TVs, streaming devices, and receivers on the market. In fact, almost too many choices are available, and making decisions about technical equipment can be difficult or intimidating.

First, get what you can afford, then go for quality. Keep in mind that the most expensive piece of equipment doesn’t guarantee that it’s the best. There’s a world of information available on all consumer products, so do some research.

Get a TV that is an appropriate size for the room it’ll be in, so you don’t go blind looking at it. Get a streaming device that gives you the greatest number of options and lets you see everything you want.

Find a Good Spot

If you’re in the dorms, then you don’t have too many options for setting up your center. In that case, pick a spot where you can comfortably watch. If you are setting up in an apartment, then find a spot that is near an outlet, of course.

Second, don’t set up the TV facing a window; the sunlight will wash out the screen and make it hard to see. Set it up in a place where you can spread out the speakers, positioning the back, mid, and front speakers pointing to central seating location.

other valuable tips:

Position the Speakers

Positioning the speakers just right is key. You want them aimed toward the center of the room, but not directly. Test out a few different patterns to find what gives the best sound.

The front speakers will throw sound into the room, but it’s the rear speakers that give the detail and stereo sound. Those should point toward the front of the room but at a slight angle so the sound bounces around the room and creates a nuanced and rich sound.

Image Credit: dorm entertainment center by Pixabay

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