Tips for Improving Your Virtual Learning Experience

Tips for Improving Your Virtual Learning Experience
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    Whether you're a college student or professor, nobody saw a global pandemic on the horizon that would force schools to transition to online learning coming.


Although it has been a few months since stay-at-home orders became a reality for many of us, colleges are finding themselves expanding virtual learning through the fall and possibly even longer. So, whether this term will be your first time doing online classes or you’ve been down this road before, we have some tips for improving your virtual learning experience.

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Stay involved outside of class

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed introvert or not, everyone is longing for some sort of human interaction. With social distancing requirements, a lot of extracurricular activities are difficult to do right now, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

A lot of clubs are adjusting to virtual meetings and activities as well, so find a club and get involved. You’ll make some new friends and protect your sanity. Plus, if you’re miserable outside of class, you won’t stay engaged during class.

Have a detailed calendar to hold yourself accountable

Depending on your school, some classes will have dedicated times with live video calls in an attempt to represent the classroom experience. Alternatively, some courses stuck with the traditional format of online classes where you make your own schedule.

Making your own schedule can be a blessing and a curse because it’s easy to fall off track for some students. Regardless of your college’s format, you need a calendar that blocks out when you’re “in class” and when you’re studying.

Without a calendar, you’ll have a hard time staying on track, especially if your classes require you to do the work on your own time.

Eliminate distractions during class time

In relation to your calendar, whenever you have time blocked out for class or studying, you need to eliminate distractions to the best of your ability. Of course, that’s easier said than done if you’re living at home with your family and the dog’s barking, but try to find a quiet place nonetheless.

Additionally, during these blocks of time, you should mute your phone and place it out of sight. We’re all guilty of trying to write a paper and checking our phone after each sentence. Not only is that inefficient, but the quality of your work will seriously deteriorate.

Get your technology in check

Technology has never been more important for literally everyone, and you need reliable equipment for your college classes. Still, you should be realistic; we’re not giving you an excuse to go buy the latest and greatest laptop if your current one works just fine.

other valuable tips:

We know this might sound out there, but you should invest in an ethernet cable if you don’t have one already and connect directly to your router. You might be able to borrow an ethernet cable from another device—just make sure it’s in good shape.

Keep your eye out for signs you need to replace your ethernet cable such as physical damage. For instance, you shouldn’t be able to see the copper wire inside the cable.

Although virtual learning can be challenging and it doesn’t compare to classroom learning, we have to do it for now. We hope these tips for improving your virtual learning experience help you find ways to make online learning enjoyable and have a successful college career.

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