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Personal Advice

4 Easy and Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing

School is right around the corner, and though some schools are sticking with e-learning, some are still bringing students to campus. If that’s the case for you—and especially if you’re a freshman—you’re probably thinking about what to pack.


What Careers Can be Pursued with a History Degree?

One of the most important factors in learning about history is the understanding of past events, why they happened, and what should and should not be repeated.


School Time: 10 Different Types of Curriculum to Choose From

Education has come a long way since the days of apprenticeships in the 1800s. Experts trained apprentices in vocations like tile production and blacksmithing.

Personal Advice

5 Pieces of Invaluable Advice for a College Freshman

The 2019-20 College school year saw freshman enrollment hit around 20 million students in the United States. That means 20 million incoming freshmen will need a lot of questions answered.