4 Easy and Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing

4 Easy and Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing
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    School is right around the corner, and though some schools are sticking with e-learning, some are still bringing students to campus.

    If that's the case for you—and especially if you're a freshman—you're probably thinking about what to pack.


Your packing list may seem massive now, but once you actually start packing, everything on that list will seem way bigger. All the clothes you decided you need to bring suddenly don’t seem as important.

To make sure you’re not bringing anything you don’t really need and taking up prime space, consider paring down your closet. If you have less clothes, then you have less to pack and less to worry about! That said, some methods of getting rid of clothing are smarter than others (and this is important to keep in mind when you’re on campus, as well).

Below, you’ll find some responsible ways to get rid of unwanted clothing, whether it’s to make packing easier or to continue sustainable habits throughout the school year.

Try a Clothes Swap

If you’re not necessarily dealing with the issue of having too many clothes, but you’re not a fan of what you have, then try a clothes swap. Get your friends together before you all leave for school and switch out some clothes.

It’s a great option to get some new looks before the school year starts, and it will give you some sweet reminders of your friends from home when you get a little homesick.

Donate to Charity

Probably one of the most responsible ways to get rid of unwanted clothing is to donate your clothes. Gather up the clothes you’re not feeling anymore and schedule a donation with a charity such as Purple Heart.

This is responsible not just because you’re not tossing clothes into the trash and overfilling landfills, but also because you’re helping people in need.

It’s a smart and positive experience all around. The best part is, this is a process you can maintain throughout the school year!

Host a Yard Sale

Get the family together before you head to campus and go through the home to see what you could sell. Look through the closets, the basement, the garage, and other places that are often filled with clutter. From there, see what you all don’t really use, and put it out for a yard sale. The money you make could act as some great spending money for the semester!

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Sell Them Online

Our last suggestion is another one you can do throughout the school year—sell your clothes online! With different platforms such as Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace, you’re sure to sell the clothes fast and make some money in the process. Try your best to set prices reasonably so that your clothes actually sell.

These are just a few of the ways you can get rid of clothes responsibly. The underlying theme? Making sure you don’t just toss the clothes in the garbage—avoid that at all costs!

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