Is it Necessary for You to Attend a Top University to Achieve Success?

Is it Necessary for You to Attend a Top University to Achieve Success?
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    There is no question that top schools like Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Yale all have the name recognition that might help you earn a job interview or triumph over other candidates when getting hired.


Nonetheless, based on research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, your choice of school does not mean that you will earn higher wages or attain career success.

Networking opportunities and increased earnings at elite colleges

One of the major advantages of attending a top college or university is the fact that such institutions can help you establish strong, solid networks. You can build enormous and influential networks that might help you after graduation.

Faculty affiliates, as well as alumni, can assist you to obtain job leads and references, and you can establish a network of contacts at a top university that could ultimately lead to employment opportunities.

Based on a research paper by RAND Corporation economists, alumni from elite universities earned 40 percent more annually compared to those who graduated from least selective colleges. The same researchers in a special paper found that attending a top college increases the likelihood of joining a graduate school, and more precisely graduate school at a major research university.

Determining the best universities

Attending a top school may not be the best choice. The best university will meet your personal, academic, financial, and career needs.

If you are sure of the career you wish to pursue, then attending a school that focuses on your field or incorporates outstanding academic packages in your area will assist you to graduate entirely equipped for the job market.

For instance, individual colleges encompass nursing colleges, journalism schools, or library schools, and information science schools. There are also autonomous professional colleges such as art schools, veterinary schools, and law schools.

Who are the top colleges and gradaute programs?

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Finding the best college for you

Graduating from a top college does not necessarily warrant success. Your academic and career accomplishments are dependent more on hard work and willpower than on having attended a prestigious school.

Also, the significance of a university education encompasses more than career opportunities and success and future earning power. Students can attain numerous intangible benefits from their university experiences including the chance to develop their worldviews, establish lifelong alliances, take part in many undertakings, and study abroad.

In 2013, a report by the U.S Department of Education revealed that the full sticker cost of elite private universities surpasses the inflation rate, unlike the cost at many public colleges. In 1999, economists from Prince University, Andrew Mellon concluded that the earnings of graduates from both elite and less expensive universities were the same, perhaps favor shifting for graduates from less expensive universities. Their earnings increased over time.

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