5 (Small) Everyday Actions We can Take to Live a Better Life!

5 (Small) Everyday Actions We can Take to Live a Better Life!
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    Good news is, there are some small considerations you can apply to your everyday life to be happier that might help you find solutions to some of the biggest problems.


Life today is stressful, more stressful than it was before. We have everything, or so it seems, access to information (loads of it), efficient technologies, good medical systems, the highest education levels ever seen.

Yet we are losing out on some of the fundamentals of our being “human.” We are losing connections: we are on social media but cannot socialize in real life.

You see that in coffee shops, in line at the supermarket, in the metro, at popular tourist destinations: people are more often down on their smartphones than looking up and talking. Of course, this is a generalization.

This article is not meant to be patronizing, or a critique of our society. It only wants to deliver a list of tips designed to make us feel better, to live better.

We are experiencing alarmingly increasing levels of depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses. Then there is our planet, whose destiny we are putting at a stall, with the Amazon forest burning down, with glaciers melting.

All of these big problems seem out of our reach. After all, who are we to change climate change? Or to make people connect?

Good news is, there are some small considerations you can apply to your everyday life to be happier that might help you find solutions to some of the biggest problems.

1. Focus on “Quality over Quantity”

This applies to everything. From material possessions to relationships. In a world where everything is so accessible, having too much is becoming common.

Having less stuff means fewer worries. Means appreciate more what you have. Also, it means wasting less and consuming more responsibly.

While getting rid of those people that don’t add value to our relationships only means better peace of mind. Throw out the unnecessary and focus on what matters!

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep!

How many times have we neglected sleep? However, lack of sleep has been linked to issues such as diabetes, cognitive decline, obesity… Sleep is important to everyone’s health.

To get better sleep, try not to eat too heavy before getting to bed and turn off your electronic devices one hour before: you’ll be thankful the morning after. Sleeping more will help us being more energized and active for the following day.

3. Exercise daily

Careful: this does not mean run a marathon every day or even go to the gym if that’s not for you. It merely means: move! It can be a walk, it can be dancing in your room, some yoga, a swim in the sea… whatever, as long as you are doing something.

A part of the benefit that exercise has on your body, it has enormous positive effects on mood and brainpower. If you don’t believe it: test it out!

4. Read more

Education and learning are essential to a healthy and happy life. Reading the news daily, even if that is very interesting and it is essential to be updated on what is happening in the world is not my favorite. Because most of the time the focus is on negative things: crisis, bad politics, wars, protests.

Rather, I’d say, dedicate some time learning what you like, or reading what makes you happy. If you have a passion, decide to dedicate 30 minutes to it daily. Are you wondering when can you find those 30 minutes? Just before going to bed, during that hour you had switched your electronics off!

other valuable tips:

5. Be responsible

Take responsibility for your actions. Your words, your purchases, the way you act. Nobody is perfect, what is important is to acknowledge your mistakes and work on them.

Choose your words carefully, when talking about yourselves and others (have you ever heard of the “Law of Attraction?”). Be clear when you speak, don’t make people guess your desires.

If you don’t like something, say it. Try to be a responsible purchaser, try not to waste, use less plastic and be mindful about using water.

These are only some tips for your everyday life that you can apply to live a better, fuller life. Or you can build your own list. Remember that as far as we know we only have one life, so we should do our best to make it a good one!

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