5 Ways In Which College Life Makes You A Better Person

5 Ways In Which College Life Makes You A Better Person
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    Stepping into College is much more than just reaching a higher academic status.

    College life can be one hell of a roller coaster ride that takes us through many such highs and lows, eventually turning us into a stronger, free-spirited and more wholesome person.

    So let's have a look at how the miracle happens.


So let’s have a look at how the miracle happens.


So, you have been your parents’ princess all this while, with a spacious bedroom all to yourself and no one to complain whether you kept it prim and proper or converted it into your thinking dump.

But once you step into college, especially if you are a residential scholar, hostel life can be quite taxing. With a room probably half the size of your bedroom and two more people thrown in, adjustment can be a major issue.

Once you have sorted out the space problem, sorting out your roommates will be the next hurdle. You all are very different people and it’s obvious that there will be few clashes of ideas and opinions in the beginning.

Relax. All you need to do is to brush up your adjustment skills a bit. Try being a more flexible person. Try to understand their perspectives and let them understand yours too.

Engage in more activities with your roomies. Show that you care and even before you realize it, you all would be shaking your booties to Beyonce in your undies while gorging on nutella at 1 in the morning!


Be it money, reputation, popularity or grades, the drive to earn it yourself hits you hard when you are in college. With so much competition all around and no parents to get your back all the time, you know that the fight is yours alone.

And that’s when you strive harder and better. College life is the time when you start thinking about supporting yourself financially and try to lessen the burden off your parents’ shoulders, how little may it be. You start working at the nearby deli part time, write paid online articles, or tutor a kid. This gives you financial freedom. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is a bonus.

3. COOK!

No matter which college you are in, the cafeteria food is always a nightmare. The same old chewy sausages, greasy burgers and fries or soggy semolina makes our tastebuds sore and you crave for a good fill. And as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

You can start cooking easy and small meals in your room. Browse recipes from the internet or simply give your mom or granny a call for some quick and tasty recipes. Put on your chef hat and Voila! There may be a few dabacles in the beginning, but eventually you’ll churn out tasty dishes.

Research says, cooking is among the few activities that make you feel good by releasing endorphins (happy hormones) from your brain. It’s also an excellent bonding exercise when you do it with your roommates.

So, it fills yours tummy, saves money and de-stresses you. And once you are good at it, you could even start a small business out of it! One skill, many perks!

Become even stronger by incorporating some intentional developments in your life.

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You have always dreamt of climbing the Himalayas and swimming in the blue waters of the Nile. But sadly, your parents were so strict and protective that they would have been panicking if you were a few minutes late from a date!

Celebrate, because you have got your freedom at last. College years are probably when you go on some of the best trips of your life. You explore new places and meet new people, doing things that you have never done before. This makes you a more free-spirited and confident individual.


This is definitely the best gift of college life. Through innumerable drops and rises, failures and success, you find your ultimate calling.

You discover the purpose of your life. College gives you the guts to take risks and venture into new horizons. It gives you the courage to accept failure and to greet success with equal grace. And that’s how you become an enlightened person.

So freshers, buckle yourself up for an amazing journey ahead. And for the ones who are about to bid adieu to your college years, cheers! You have achieved it.


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