Factors To Consider When Renting an Apartment

Factors To Consider When Renting an Apartment
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    Moving off-campus for the first time can be an intimidating endeavor, but it doesn't have to be.

    There are factors to consider when renting an apartment that can make or break your options.


You can optimize your apartment hunt by setting expectations and creating a list of must-haves for your prospective abode. We have laid out several considerations to be mindful of when mulling over apartment listings.


Chances are good that you will have to adhere to certain financial boundaries when it comes to renting a college apartment. A strict budget will help guide you toward apartments that are feasible.

You must factor in the range of expenses necessary to make the apartment inhabitable, such as furnishing, utilities, and appliances, and you must consider whether any of those items are covered in the monthly rent.

Brief research apartment costs in your intended area to get an idea of the standard unit price. This research will inform whether any price negotiation will be possible and how your budget will fare.


Size is an essential consideration when doing an apartment search. If you’ll need to furnish the apartment, be sure to collect measurements to see that your items with fit in the allotted space. Size may also affect whether you think an apartment is worth its price.

The number of rooms and bathrooms you’ll need will be determined by the number of roommates you’ll have. Be sure to filter out units that do not have adequate space for the number of folks intending to live there.

You should acknowledge the number of roommates when reviewing shared spaces as well. The more people there are living together, the larger you will want your kitchen, dining area, and front room to be.


If you have a car, you might not be as concerned about the apartment’s proximity to your work or school. Still, you will need to familiarize yourself with local parking procedures or inquire whether a parking space is included in the lease.


Verify which amenities and appliances the apartment is equipped with. The availability of dishwashers, laundry services, and heating and cooling systems vary per unit. Decide which features are an absolute necessity to have in your prospective apartment so you can narrow down your search.

Be aware that in-unit appliances can be highly advantageous and worth the cost. The benefits of having in-unit laundry or dishwashing amenities include saving time and money, two things students could always use more of.

other valuable tips:

Lease Details

Review the lease in full detail before signing any papers committing to an apartment. Key details that should be included in an apartment’s lease are:

  • Subleasing specifics
  • Pet policies
  • Length of lease
  • Utilities covered by landlord and utilities covered by tenants
  • Tenant expectations
  • Maintenance protocols
  • The landlord or property manager’s contact information

There is an abundance of factors to consider when renting an apartment that will ensure you end up with a unit that best suits your lifestyle. Choosing the proper living space can feel overwhelming at first, but it also presents an exciting opportunity to personalize a new environment that serves as a tribute to your independence.

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