Pros and Cons of Moving Off Campus to an Apartment

Pros and Cons of Moving Off Campus to an Apartment
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    Many students find the allure of leaving a dorm room irresistible.

    Leaving shower sandals, resident assistant, and others loud music behind is appealing.


There are many pros and cons to consider when moving to an off campus location. Making a list and doing some research is a good way to get an idea for what off-campus life is like.

PRO #1: Freedom

When you are on your own, you call the shots. You can make up your own house rules and do not have to live by the rules that are imposed at the dorms. For instance, you might not permit two people of the opposite sex to bunk together. Or on the flip side of the coin, you might allow the opposite sex to bunk together. It all just depends on what you are comfortable with.

PRO #2: More for the Money

Living in an apartment gives you more value per square footage for your apartment. This is in comparison to what you got at the dorms. While it may seem like more money upfront, you are getting a whole lot more value overall.

PRO #3: Quiet Please

Living off campus is a lot quieter. Chances are in the off-campus environment your grades are going to improve. This is due to the fact that you have fewer distractions. You will not be dragged away from your work for an impromptu party. You will be able to focus on what your priorities are.

CON #1: Responsibility

When you have freedom like this, you will also need to be a bit more responsible. You need to take care of your own housework, cooking, utilities, and rent. You must be able to interact with your roommates professionally. Essentially, this prepares you for the real world.

CON #2: Out Of The Loop

When you are in a dorm you are constantly involved in the social scene on campus. However, if you are living in an apartment there’s a good chance you will miss out on late night activities. Not to mention, living off campus might make it harder for you to coordinate meeting up with others.

Con #3: Less Accessible

It is true that off-campus homes are further away from campus and other places. You may need to spend some time commuting if you choose to live off campus. Getting to and from class may become more of an obstacle than it should be.

After carefully considering your options, you can make a decision as to what you wish to do. Share this article with all your friends in order to find a roommate who is interested in moving out with you. Having a roommate is so much better than being stuck on your own.


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