4 Gifts to Get Your Favorite Professor for Christmas

4 Gifts to Get Your Favorite Professor for Christmas
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    The holidays are just around the corner, and you might be scrambling to make sure everyone on your list has that perfect gift on the special day.


If you have a favorite professor, you could be thinking that getting them something fun or useful might be a tricky proposition. The process can seem even more difficult as distance or remote learning opportunities increase.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts that professors can actually use.

Classroom Books

It’s easy to scoff at this idea initially, but you may not know that many professors are responsible for at least some of the supplies or materials that they might want to use.

This tends to be less true of college professors than secondary teachers, but the possibility still exists.

If you have a professor that encourages students to read as much as possible and likes to incorporate different texts into a lesson, consider a set of books they might find useful.

You might even ask local booksellers about some of the more popular items when you do your shopping.

Unique Notepads

Although many teachers will use phones or tablets to make calendars, keep up with schedules, or write things down, it seems like nothing is going to replace the simple pad of paper entirely.

It can be quick and efficient to jot something down on your pad instead of hunting for the appropriate app on your device.

You can give your teacher the gift of personalized notepads this holiday season. There are several fonts and colors from which you can choose here, and such a gift shows the thought you put into your professor’s impact on you.

Coffee Subscriptions

College teachers often stay up late on nights and weekends to get lesson work or grading done on your behalf. Some might not use caffeine, but many of them need a bit of a kick to get started or stay awake.

Although most professors probably have their fair share of mugs, you can get yours a coffee subscription. There are different options here, and most come in small batches of various roasts that are sourced ethically. You can even provide coffee from other countries for an international mix.

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Miniature Projector

This one is something that you might want to get after partnering with a few of your classmates. If your professor likes films or uses many of them in their classes, a mini projector can make a great gift.

They’re much more portable than their larger cousins, and they can turn any flat surface into a large screen for group viewing. Some of them can sync with other devices for easy operation.

Getting a great gift for a favored professor doesn’t have to be a terrible head-scratcher. It’s a safe bet that most teachers will already have a cabinet with a few coffee mugs.

If you can’t think of anything and time is running out, a simple gift card gives them the freedom to choose something they like. Don’t underestimate the sentimental value of handwritten notes or artwork that your professor can cherish well into retirement.

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