How to Get Rid of Unwanted Textbooks


You spent $942.57 on textbooks last semester before you saw the light. As in renting, not buying your textbooks that is.

Unfortunately, you’ve accumulated quite a few textbooks over the past few years, most of which you’ll never use again. Perhaps you tried to sell them back to the bookstore and were unpleasantly surprised to learn that you’d get just pennies on the dollar for your stockpile. Odd, similar copies of those same books are selling for five times the price you were offered — talk about learning a lesson in economics!

Instead of allowing your textbooks to gather dust and take up already cramped dorm room space, you can move them on and out by considering the following disposal options:

Burn, baby, burn — That’s right, light ‘em up! They’re worthless anyway or at least some of them are. That means when your school holds its bonfire Friday night before “The Game” on Saturday, you can add fuel to the fire with titles such as “Comparative Politics of the Third World” and “Synopsis Filicum Or a Synopsis of All Known Ferns; Including the Osmundaceae, Schizaeaceae, Marattiaceae, and Ophioglossaceae,” by giving those books their proper send off.

Send them to recycling — Some students are mortified at the thought of burning a book. Never mind the apparent “book banning” suggestion that this term seems to conjure! If contributing to State U’s bonfire seems out of line to you, then you can always pack up your worthless books and send them to recycling. What method of recycling your city employs may not prove much better, but at least you’ll know that these textbooks will go through some sort of “reuse” process.

Give eBay a try — What may be worthless to you or to other students could still offer some value in the cyber world. Have you seen what they sell on eBay?! Belly button lint, a sandwich in the shape of celebrity, human teeth and more. People pay top dollar for such “priceless” stuff! Who knows, but that 1874 book of ferns could prove valuable especially if you possess a signed original copy.

Sell it directly to another student — If your textbook is out of print, it may seem worthless. Then again if that book isn’t critical to a particular class, but still helpful, you may be able to find a buyer. You’ll get a few bucks and someone else will save a bundle even though that edition is no longer current. Post a notice on the on campus electronic bulletin board.

Lastly, before disposing of your old textbooks, flip through the pages to make certain that an important keepsake or bookmark isn’t stuck between the pages. You’d hate to throw away that $20 bill you have stashed between chapters three and four or the picture of your BFF, right?

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