5 Innovative Ways to Up Your Fashion Game

5 Innovative Ways to Up Your Fashion Game
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    Let's change up your day by changing out your wardrobe. It will be fun to come up with something creative that will make a college day fun.


Your clothes are probably not top of mind when you’re running across the quad late for class. But if you set your alarm clock just five minutes earlier, you can use easy ways to up your fashion game and look stylish in your seminar.

Knot, Tuck, Twist, Tie, Roll

We’ll assume you’ve got the basics in your wardrobe—jeans, tees, plaid flannel shirt, and even a collared shirt. Take the uniformity out of that uniform by getting creative with how you wear them. Tuck a shirt in front, but let it hang loose in the back.  Leave the last button undone and tie the ends of the shirt at your waist.

Roll up your sleeves, or cuff your jeans. A knot in the front of a t-shirt works the same as tying the unbuttoned ends of that flannel or oxford cloth shirt.

If you’re used to wearing a scarf, twist it into a cylindrical shape instead of keeping it flat and square.

Sneak Peek

Another way to up your fashion game is to wear a pair of signature socks that add color, pattern, or a bit of fun to your wardrobe. Wear a pair that proudly identifies you as a fan of your favorite team, book, movie, or game.

Even if you’re an athlete and you spend most of your time in uniform, you can find a way to rock those socks, like wearing your baseball stirrups old-school—that sets you apart as a player with style.

Belt It

Not referring to your song stylings at karaoke night, here—rather, the accessory item that holds pants up or cinches waists in. Wear a belt on top of a longer jacket or oversized shirt. Belts are even showing up on formal gowns, now, so go ahead and show off your shape with a wider black or brown leather belt, a chain or metal belt, or a scarf belt.

Layer It

Shirt over tee, jacket over shirt, even skirt over leggings—layers add interest and pizazz, not to mention warmth. If you get too warm, though, you can peel a layer off and knot it around your waist or stuff it in your backpack and you’ll still be wearing enough clothes for class or a trip to the library.

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Top It Off

Hats are fun, and for some, they end up being a signature piece. Whether it’s a cap, baseball hat, fedora, or pork pie, a hat can pull an outfit together and draw attention up to your intelligent, intriguing face.

One essential tip about ways to up your fashion game—don’t do everything at once. Choose one accessory, or one new way of wearing a shirt or layering, but using all these techniques together will dilute their effect and make you look like you’re trying way too hard.

So, utilize a belt or a scarf, but not both. You might get away with cuffed jeans and cool socks, though—sassy socks work their magic only if people catch a glimpse of them.

Image Credit: fashion game by Pixabay

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