How to Build a Diverse Group of Friends in College

How to Build a Diverse Group of Friends in College
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    Jumping into new experiences always leads to exciting times in your life. Those incredible times, more often than not, come along with new people.

    Some of them will stick around long after you move onto even more unique experiences.


College presents the perfect time to make some of your best friends, so you might as well do it right!

Find out seven of the best ways to branch out and meet as many different people as possible while attending college. Your new diverse group of friends is waiting for you to get a move on.

1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The first thing you need to do to make new friends is get up, get out of your room, and go do new things.

It’s as simple as that.

Don’t just stick to the things you’re used to. Try out things you wouldn’t usually try. Put yourself out there so you encounter people you wouldn’t normally be around. That way, you at least have the opportunity to make friends.

You miss out on 100% of the chances you never take!

One study found that being open to new things actually makes you more likely to have more diverse friends. A genuine personality opens you up to meeting all kinds of people.

Don’t let your nerves hold you back. You’re bound to have a good time getting out and about at school.

2. Take Advantage of Close Quarters

If you’re living on campus, you’re already within arm’s reach of all kinds of new friends. All you have to do is look around!

Start in your dorm when you’re trying to make new friends.

Spend some extra time in the common room when you’re studying or doing homework. You may find others doing the same, and you can strike up a conversation about school.

Get to know your roommate and their friends if you don’t already.

Even something as simple as saying hello to the people you see in the hallway every day. A greeting can open you up to conversations that turn into bonds you wouldn’t have the chance to make otherwise.

You’ll be spending a lot of your time around the people you live with, beside, and around.

Don’t let it go to waste!

3. Get Involved on Campus

Classes are the priority, but clubs are just as important. What sort of things are you interested in? Are you a theater kid? Do you enjoy playing music, writing stories, or creating art?

Maybe you’re more into chess or science. Whatever you enjoy — your college probably has a club for it. If they don’t, you can always create a club yourself!

Joining clubs that relate to your interest gives you the chance to meet new people who enjoy the same things. It’s not the only way, though.

Volunteering on campus is another great way to get out and get involved. Look for open and safe organizations for all genders, races, and sexualities. The more time you spend around other people, the more likely you are to meet people you get along with.

4. Go to All Kinds of Events

Colleges host events all the time. Any given weekend, you have your choice of fun things to do that are usually free for students.

That means you have no excuse not to go!

Keep an eye on your campus calendar for all kinds of ways to get out there and enjoy yourself. You just might meet people who love the same things you do, an excellent base for a new friendship. Events that may be taking place on your campus can include:

  1. Sporting Events
  2. Concerts
  3. Dances
  4. Guest Lectures
  5. Protests
  6. Karaoke Nights
  7. Art Shows

If you see something coming up you have an interest in attending, it’s a good idea to mark it, so you don’t forget. Making time for some fun is an essential part of the college experience, after all.

5. Talk to Your Classmates

Classes are where you will be spending the majority of your time while you’re at college. Chances are, you’ll have quite a bit in common with someone taking the same classes as you.

It’s easiest to talk to people if you take a class with labs or group projects involved, but every class gives you a reason to talk to someone new.

Strike up a conversation with your fellow classmates about class as a way to bridge the gap between being strangers and becoming friends. Do homework, study, and have discussions about the subject and start to form a relationship.

You might as well take advantage of the fact you’re all stuck in the same place at the same time!

6. Invite People Along

When you start getting to know people, invite them along to do things you usually do alone. By sharing the little everyday experiences you have, you begin to form an even deeper bond.

It’s easy to get to know someone when you spend your free time with them.

Go to the gym and do your workout together. Ask them to grab a cup of coffee or have lunch. Walk to class together or invite them to a meeting of a club you’re in.

Watch new episodes of a tv show you both love together after class. The little things usually matter the most when it comes to building a friendship. Never take them for granted.

7. Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

No matter who you meet or how you present yourself, always be authentic.

Making friends by changing yourself or even lying about yourself never works out. It’s easy to see through that kind of thing, and, in the end, your friendships won’t be genuine.

Let the real you shine.

Find the common threads you share with all kinds of people and go from there. Those are the friendships that will last for years to come.

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In Conclusion

Putting together a group of friends happens naturally. No matter how different you all are from one another, there’s always something to tie you together — forming a strong bond that lasts through school and beyond.

The most important thing you can do is take that first leap of faith.

By putting yourself out there and being open to new experiences, you’ll be sure to meet some of the most amazing people. Simply trying is the best way to start building a diverse group of friends while you’re in college.

So what are you waiting for?

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