How To Pick a Gift for Your College Sweetheart

How To Pick a Gift for Your College Sweetheart
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    Picking a gift for anyone can be a challenge, especially when that person is your college sweetheart.

    Of course, you like them a lot, and you want your gift to reflect that, but how can you find something that does that?


Here’s how to pick a gift for your college sweetheart so they can know you adore them.


A gifting strategy for them could be something sentimental. You’ve gone on dates previously where you’ve brought flowers, chocolates, and other little gifts, but now, you should bring out the big guns.

For this gift, you should consider something more fanciful and personal. Consider writing them a poem, song, or letter that speaks to how significant they are in your life.

You could even put together a little scrapbook that collects receipts, pictures, or little knickknacks from all the time you’ve spent together.

Make the Presentation an Event

How you choose to deliver the present is often more important than the gift itself. Presentation impact’s the way people react, both positively and negatively.

You can improve a bad gift if you deliver it correctly, and a great gift can become a dud if there’s no pizzazz to the presentation.

First, make sure the gift looks nice and you wrap it properly. Then, make sure you deliver it in a way that makes them feel special; this is the best way to make a good gift even better!

Something Practical

Another excellent gift strategy you could consider is giving them something practical. Sentimental gifts and teddy bears are fantastic, but they clog up your space, and then later down the line, they need to consider getting rid of them when they need space.

Avoid this problem by giving them something practical that they can use every day and think of you. Consider a cute water bottle, a new case for their laptop, a pair of walking shoes they’ve always wanted, etc.

The list is endless; it just depends on what your special person needs in their life.

An Event

You should also think about taking your partner on a getaway. Not all gifts have to be physical. Instead, you could treat them to a night out on the town, a luxurious dinner, or even a trip to their favorite museum.

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Similarly, you could do all the chores and have a cozy movie night with no worries plaguing either of you. Sometimes, the best gift is a night-in, where you can stay in comfy clothes as long as you want.

This is how to pick a gift for your college sweetheart, but if they truly are your sweetheart, they will appreciate any present you put in front of them. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any thought and effort behind it, but you shouldn’t work yourself up over it. Consider what they may want, then give them that thoughtful gift that shows that you listen and care.

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