What To Know When Buying a Camera for Film Making

What To Know When Buying a Camera for Film Making
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    Are you interested in filmmaking, either as a hobby or a career?

    Filmmaking is an accessible hobby any college student can try, and all you need to get started is a good camera.


Knowing which one to choose can be hard, so here’s what to know when buying a camera for filmmaking.

Your Budget

We know, a college student’s budget can be tight. You don’t need blow all your funds on the most expensive camera right off the bat! Cameras are available at most price points, so choose one that fits your needs and falls within your budget. Remember, you can always upgrade later.

Types of Cameras

The type of camera you purchase will depend upon your budget and what sort of projects you’ll use the camera for. Below are a few types of camera for a novice filmmaker to consider:

  • Mirrorless —

    Mirrorless cameras are an inexpensive type of camera used for photography and filmmaking.

    In these types of cameras, light passes through the lens to display an image on the camera’s digital screen.

    Mirrorless cameras can’t be accessorized much but are still a solid choice for a beginner.

  • DSLR —

    DSLR cameras are commonly used for photography but are still a great choice for  beginner filmmakers.

    Depending on the quality of the model, these cameras range in price but are generally fairly inexpensive.

    A DSLR camera can be accessorized with external flash, filters, and different lenses.

  • Action —

    Action cameras can be mounted on cars, bikes, skateboards, and more. These types of cameras are a great choice for those interested in recording sports activities or stunts.

  • Prosumer —

    While not as advanced as a professional camera, a prosumer—or professional-consumer camera—is more advanced than a mirrorless or DSLR. Prosumer cameras are more flexible than less advanced types and can be accessorized like a professional film camera.

    These cameras are pricier than other types, so they may not be the best choice for someone only casually interested in filmmaking or on a tight budget.

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Consider Accessories

When buying a camera, consider the accessories available for your model. Decide which features and filmmaking accessories you will need, and choose a model compatible with any accessories you plan to get. Some camera accessories to consider include:

  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Tripod or support system
  • Lighting accessories
  • Extra batteries

Congratulations on beginning your journey as a filmmaker! Now that you know what to know when buying a camera for filmmaking, you’re sure to pick just the right camera for yourself. Enjoy making your own videos and exercising your creativity!

Image Credit: buying a camera for filmmaking by envato.com

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